Your Love

July 16th, 2014

final top half

About a month ago I received a text from my friend Karen. She wanted to know if I would be interested in doing some “chalk work” for her daughter MacKenzie. You see Kenz had just moved into her first “grown-up apartment”. I define “grown-up apartment” as one being free of any kind of pesky roommate. Ahhh… roommates. So, so very glad I never have to find another one of those. I had my share of them back in my college days. They ranged from bad: walking into my UNL dorm room as a freshman and having my assigned roommate say, “You can move out if you want.” Yes mam’, you bet I was moving out. To good: living with my sister Kris and best friend Keri, despite the annoying and very loud (especially in the middle of the night… wink, wink) Asian family living upstairs. For a hot minute I feared my niece Marli had inherited my bad luck with roommates. This was after receiving a text on her first day of college, “KERRI!!! MY ROOMMATE HAS A CAPE HANGING IN HER CLOSET!… AND A LIGHT SABER!” She vacated that room pretty quickly as well.

But I digress… back to Kenz. She was finally ensconced in her very own pad and was in need of wall art. She had already done a little DIY project where she had taken a framed print that used to hang in her dorm room, painted the frame and then painted the glass from the print with chalkboard paint. What can’t you paint with chalkboard paint? She had found this little ditty on Pinterest…

chalkboard pin

and wanted her chalkboard to be the same verse. She didn’t necessarily want it to look just like that particular pin she just really liked the verse. So after picking up my ready-made chalkboard I got to work. Just like my last chalkboard I decided to do a pencil sketch first…

pencil sketch 2

I tend to work in strips of tracing paper. I go through tracing paper like you wouldn’t believe. I’m not what you would call an eco-friendly artist. It tends to look like a bit of a disaster but its the only way I can get my spacing just right. After I finally had it sketched out I used white transfer paper to transfer the basic outline to the chalkboard…

pencil sketch 1

Once I had the design transferred I got out my super bright chalk and got to chalking a little “Love”…


followed by the rest of the verse…

final chalkboard

Once done I gave it a shot of Aquanet to set the chalk. I’ve said it before, this part of the process always scares the crap out of me. The design all but disappears and you have to wait for it to dry to see what is left of something you just spent hours creating. This time around I had to go in and re-chalk pretty much everything. It’s not that it ate everything up it just dulled it down and I wanted this chalkboard to be bright. A bright board for a very bright girl.

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  1. ang Says:

    Ah, the roommate stories… I still remember the day you got your UNL roomie assignment. We were all at the pool, of course, and I remember it like it was yesterday. I’m sure the LOST BOYS tape was blaring in the background.

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