X-Ray Toppers

July 29th, 2014

xray toppers

No x-ray specs needed to see these toppers. They’re visible to the human eye. Ha… lame joke, don’t feel like you have to laugh. Actually, these are just the latest cupcake toppers in my growing repertoire. Stacy needed something a little different this time around, toppers for a radiology graduate… and they needed to be jumbo sized to go along with the jumbo cupcakes. She texted me a photo and asked if I could make something similar using red and black. No problem. She needed three dozen x-ray toppers, and another three dozen that had the letter “K” on them.

Jumbo K Toppers

That was fairly easy, I just used my basic monogram topper with a chevron background, because who doesn’t love chevron right now? All I had to do was jumbo-size the monogram topper and fini, six dozen toppers made to order.

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