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Hey Kerri P » “Wolverines!”


July 22nd, 2013

10 Texas

The next morning was “Graduation Day!”. Saylor would be graduating from the 5th grade which means next year she will be in Middle School… watch out world! Or at the very least… watch out Texas! This would be my third time attending the Girlies “end-of-the-year-assembly” at Winkley Elementary and I get such a kick out of it every time.

11 Texas

Kris found the cutest little sparkly graduation cap headband for Saylor to wear with her new dress. And Kam got all dolled up in her navy and white maxi dress because, “Ya know Mom, there’s just something about a navy and white stripe that I really like.” Us remaining six adults were somehow able to get up and out the door by 8 a.m. with only two bathrooms between all of us.

12 Texas

And then it was off to Winkley, where I can’t help but shout “Wolverines!!!” (from “Red Dawn” all you children of the ’80s) every time we pull up to the school. Winkley is a huge, shiny new elementary school whose mascot is the Wolverine. It’s a great school. We all filed through the front office and got our “Visitor” badges and then headed to the auditorium/multi-purpose room. While everyone else found a seat, Kris and I jockeyed around for a good spot to take pictures. The 5th graders started streaming in and then treated us to a few songs.

13 Texas

That’s the entire 5th Grade class singing “I Believe I Can Fly”. As someone who graduated from a class of thirty students it always blows my mind to see how big the classes are. And then the awards started. Each kid walked across the stage to receive at least three different awards from their teacher. Cue the cameras. The flashes start flashing and there’s even a few hoots and hollars like you would expect at a high school graduation. I think one of Saylor’s awards was for “Best Smile” and her boyfriend (which had Kris pointed out to me earlier) won “Class Clown” he then proceeded to give a typical “Class Clown” reaction with a “YESSSS!!” fist pump.

14 Texas

Finally the Principal took the stage and announced that it was time for the 5th Graders “Final Walk Through Winkley”. We were all invited to line the hallways and as we were finding our spots the Principal announced over the loud speaker that all students should come out into the hallways to say goodbye to the graduates.

15 Texas

It was then off to the cafeteria for cookies, punch and a few photos. Saylor brought her boyfriend over and introduced him to all of us… us being two sets of grandparents, two old aunts, her sister and cousin. The poor kid. But he actually seemed excited to meet all of us and after she was done with the introductions he said, “I hope I passed.” I burst out laughing. I mean these are 5th graders!

We all then headed back to the auditorium to do it all again for Kam. And then it was off to Taco Cabana for a celebratory lunch.

Up next… “Adventures at Ikea”

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