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Winter Song

February 16th, 2014


Okay, I have a new favorite musical event. If you read my blog on a somewhat regular basis you will remember me gushing last spring about my alma mater’s production of “Fiddler On the Roof”, well here I go again… let the gushing commence. Saturday night I attended my school’s “Winter Song”, something I’d never done before. It’s been around for several years and for some crazy reason I’ve never gone. I won’t make that mistake again, let’s just say I was blown away.

Colton and Sidney

The event is held in our old gym and is an informal concert complete with hors d’oeuvres and drinks (not THOSE kinds of drinks, it’s a high school concert for cripes sake). My aunt had a couple extra seats at her table so I snatched them up. There were a couple of full chorus numbers as well as jazz band, but the majority of the evening was duets and solos.

Ethan and Addie

One after another these high school kids would get up there, in front of a large crowd none the less, and perform like seasoned professionals. I kept waiting for one of those horrible audition scenes from “American Idol’ to unfold in front of me, the kind where the judges either sit there with horrified looks on their faces or are laughing uncontrollably. IT NEVER HAPPENED! NOT ONCE! They were all so amazingly good! And I am not the kind of person to tell someone they were awesome when they weren’t (kind of a not so nice trait of mine).


The talent pool in my little burg is quite amazing. I mean we probably don’t have 100 kids in our entire high school and 21 different songs were performed. Minus the four group numbers that means at least 15 kids (some performed more than one duet or solo, don’t check my math on that) got up there and just did their thing. Never in a million years would I have been that brave at their age, I’m still not that brave at this age!

I only wish I had gotten a picture of every group that performed but as you can see in my first photo there was a certain head in almost every shot, he was running the show and all, so I’ll give him a pass for messing with my amateur photography skills.

Ho Hey

One big difference, I believe, is the kids were able to choose their own music, we heard Damien Rice, Phillip Phillips, Bonnie Raitt, Billy Joel, The Lumineers and on and on. Our chorus director knows how to get the best out of his kids, you’ve got to make it fun for them. He let students choose their own partners and pieces, with the majority of rehearsals happening after school in their own homes, and was himself amazed at some of the results he got.

The power of an amazing music program. In this day and age where music and the arts are being slashed left and right in schools around the country it is so heartening to see a program thriving in small-town Nebraska. The arts are so vital to producing well-rounded students, to instilling self-esteem and confidence in today’s kids. That’s what was on display last night… confidence.


At the end of the evening those amazing and confident kids quickly shoved us adults out of gym so they could move on to the dance portion of the night. Yet another thing that wouldn’t have happened in a million years when I was in high school, I’m from that “Footloose” town if you remember.

You know, several years ago a disgruntled coach at our school, while yelling at his players said, “All the other towns are right, we’re nothing but an *explative* band school!” even though that statement was oh so incorrect I say in response “You’re *explative” right, and we’re *explative” proud of it!”

3 Responses to “Winter Song”

  1. ang Says:

    Love it! Yet another school function we’ll be attending together for years to come.

  2. Dani Says:

    Rock On Kerri P!! Great article and fantastic night. Those band “nerds” really know how to put on a show. So proud of each one!

  3. Tara S Says:

    awesome post. I’m still laughing at the “explative” band school! Rock on!

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