‘Welcome to Hollywood! What’s your dream?”

April 26th, 2013


“Welcome to Hollywood! What’s your dream?” anyone recognize that movie quote? Well, my dream over the weekend was being able to recreate light-up marquee letters from bits and pieces of foam board, poster board and Scotch Tape, lots and lots of Scotch Tape.


My trip back in time continues as I’m helping out with centerpieces for the local high school prom. As my friend Ang would say, “What happened to the days of twisting two different colors of crepe paper streamers together, running them down the center of the table and topping the whole thing off with a few balloons?” My how times have changed. Times have most definitely changed since back when I was in high school, we had no Prom. We weren’t allowed. We were the town from Footloose. I kid you not. NO DANCING IN SCHOOL! A school consolidation with a nearby town took care of that situation and the Prom has now become a big production. And I was asked to be a part of it, as a wanna-be decorator and party planner, there was no way I was turning down that request.


Now it’s just a little over a week until D-Day (or should I say P-Day) and I’m scrambling to get my stuff done. One more solid weekend of working on stuff and I should be good. Plus the weather is supposed to be nice so I should have no problem setting up a spraypaint station in the garage so I can give them all a nice, shiny coat of red paint.

Oh, and in case you haven’t figured it out, that quote is from ‘Pretty Woman’, who in her own way, was a whole different kind of Prom Queen.

4 Responses to “‘Welcome to Hollywood! What’s your dream?””

  1. Kathryn Goertzen Says:

    pretty Woman. OneOfMyFaves! Btw The Hollywood Sign In L.A. Is White. It WouldBeAnEasyOut!

  2. ang Says:

    These look AWESOME!!!!!! Maybe we should have a “Footloose” movie night this week!

  3. Kathryn Says:

    Pretty Woman.
    One of my faves.
    Subject matter questionable (what movie isn’t?) but ends well.
    SO many great lines . . . “If I forget to tell you later – I had a GREAT time” . . . “slippery little sucker” . . . and her reaction when Gere snaps that jewelry case down on her fingers. Funny.

  4. Jessica Says:

    I would love a tutorial on this. Do you offer one? These are amazing!!!

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