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March 27th, 2013


My whole life Wednesday has always been “Church Night”. It started with Midweek and then moved on to Children’s Choir. Children’s Choir no longer exists at my church. It’s hard to believe that they ever stuck a group of little kids up in the choir loft for an entire Sunday morning service. I mean how many parents must have stormed out of the sanctuary following service to give their kid a lecture for acting up in front of the whole congregation?

As a kid my favorite part of “Church Night” was when it was over and my aunt and uncle and cousins would come to our house for coffee. They were country folk and we were town folk so since they were already in town for church they would stop by. Mom would always bake something like brownies with fudge icing or she’d make popcorn and I got to hang out with my high school age cousins and watch “Vegas”. Remember “Vegas”? Robert Urich? He could drive his car right into his apartment and basically park it in his living room. Coolest thing ever! But back to “Church Night” I eventually moved on to Youth Choir and then Chancel Choir. Then came college and a few too many years of church inactivity.

So this year, at my advanced age, I decided to once again participate in “Church Night”. I joined Chancel Choir again. I had recently taken part in “The Messiah” with the Chancel Choir, they perform it every other year at my church along with the Nebraska Symphony Orchestra, and during that time I remembered how much I enjoyed singing. My family encouraged me to join choir full time to which I always gave them the same excuse, “I don’t have time.” And then one night my mom said, “Well, sometimes you have to make the time.” And I thought, “Hmm, how true.”

So I donned the navy robe. And so far, even with my crazy work schedule, I haven’t missed too many rehearsals. My one major grumble was when I told my family that “I would like choir a whole lot better if I didn’t actually have to sing on Sunday mornings.” To which their response was, “Isn’t that the whole point in joining?” And yes, they are right, but you see it’s not the singing on Sunday part, it’s the plopping myself down in a choir loft in front of an entire congregation part. I’m a please-don’t-take-my-picture-fade-into-the-woodwork kind of person, so being on display up high is uncomfortable.

I find myself limiting the number of times I have to dab at my eyes (something in my church sanctuary has always made my eyes water since I was a kid, I step in there and it’s like waterworks) because I know my best friend, and her husband are out there watching to see if I do the head-tilt-open-mouth-dab-the-eye-move that for some reason has been a source of ridicule for years. I can’t look anywhere near where my sister is sitting because she will perk up and plaster a big smile on her face which is a signal that I am looking like a grump. That was her comment following my first Sunday in the choir loft, “You need to smile more, you look like you are mad at the world.” Well, that’s just how my face works. I’m not going to sit there with a fake smile plastered on my face because then everyone would think there was something seriously wrong with me. So I suffer through and it has gotten better.

And then weeks like this come along. Easter week. A week when our director brings out the brass ensemble, adds a kind of dueling organ vs. piano introit with the choir and then tops things off with the “Hallelujah Chorus”. On weeks like this my little bit of “suffering” seems utterly ridiculous and things are put into perfect perspective. Some goosebump inducing music is a good reminder of why we celebrate the day.

5 Responses to “Wednesday”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    Awesome post Kerri! Funny, poignant, you got it all going on! 😉
    And here I thought you were dabbing your eyes because you were so moved by the music . . .
    Anyway, so glad you decided to revive “church night” in your life!

  2. Kerri Says:

    Thanks Kathryn, there actually was a little dabbing due to the music this Sunday, but the majority of tears has to be a result of years and years worth of women’s perfume floating around in the sanctuary. Thanks for looking at my blog. See ya Wednesday.

  3. Kerri G. Says:

    My name is spelled the same as you, and I also am the kind that wants to sink into the woodwork kind of person. My only fear is that when i pass away my children will have no photos of me. Lots of the dogs and the kids with their father but very, very few of mom. I’m going to make that my resolution this year, allow more photos. In 20 years I may look back and say, “Hey, I looked pretty good.”

  4. Amy H Says:

    Not sure how I landed on your blog but I love it! Pretty sure that crazy choir director is my dad :). Good old Rodney loves his music and especially brass ensemble :). Love your website !

  5. kerri Says:

    Amy Drews is that you? Glad you found me. And you’re right about that crazy choir director.

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