Wedding Program

December 31st, 2012

Malaina’s finished program. I did all but the stitching which the bride took care of.

wedding program

M&B Program3

Lots and lots of cutting on this project. The program was six pages, which all needed to be cut, plus the back base pages, thank goodness I remembered to steal the paper cutter from work.

M&B Program1

And then there was the cutting of all the little “date flags”. The x-acto is my friend.

M&B Program2

And then there was the cutting of all the burlap flags. Thank goodness for all of the leftover burlap from Morgan’s wedding and a “Snow Day” during which I couldn’t make it in to work and was able to stay home and cut flags until my heart’s content.

The bride and her family took care of the assembly and the stitching.

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