Hooray for Hollywood

May 8th, 2013

Prom CP 6

Hollywood came to Henderson, well at least for one night. Heartland held it’s 2013 Prom Saturday night and I was privileged to play a small part in it. This was my first time helping with Prom decorations, well unless you count twisting a few crepe paper streamers during my Junior year of high school for the “Activities Banquet”.

Prom CP 2

My cousin Stacy, mother of Junior class president Sidney, and therefore the designated ringleader of a small band of parents, was tasked with turning the old gym into a wonderland. Stacy is what you would call an organized individual. She has had those kids working the fundraisers hard since they were Freshmen. And because of all of that hard work they had a decent budget to work with and were able to hire some of the more difficult work done. Like creating a tent like ceiling and walls in order to disguise the fact that the kiddos would be partying in a smelly old gym. They also hired me to create centerpieces for the ten dining tables.

Prom CP 1

The kids picked ‘Hollywood’ as their theme. Awesome I thought, so easy. Immediately I knew I wanted to create the poster board marquee letters I had seen on Pinterest. But that’s where my brainstorm ended. I decided to spell out ‘Hollywood’ with one letter on each table. I then debated creating cardboard film reels to prop up on the backside of the letters. You can’t just have a one sided centerpiece. By the time I finished making all of the letters, I was in no mood to create 20 cardboard film reels. Plus my supply budget was running low.

Prom CP 5

I thought and thought for weeks but couldn’t seem to figure out what to do. Finally, only two weeks before the big day, I thought of the 10 vases we had used as centerpieces for my nieces wedding. What if I borrowed them and filled them with tickets? This idea was stolen from my sister Kris as she did the same thing at our “Greatest Baby Shower On Earth.” I had been debating about using my old camera collection as part of the centerpieces and then while talking to Kris one night, or was it Kelli? She, or maybe it was they, suggested getting some picture frames and printing off pictures of movie stars and framing them. Voila, a centerpiece was born.

Prom CP 4

My sister Kelli had spotted some $3 picture frames at Wal-Mart and mentioned them to me. Holy crap, they were actually 8×10 frames with a white mat already in them. Score! The frames were plastic but you couldn’t really tell. Instead of movie stars I Googled movie posters and picked ten and printed them out. This actually required some thought. The movies had to be clean, nothing raunchy that would offend parents or administrators. I started out with some old movie posters, “Casablanca”, “A Rebel Without A Cause” and “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” and then decided these kids quite possibly might have never heard of those movies. So I moved on to the late ’70s and early ’80s. They had to have seen “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, I mean who hasn’t? And “The Goonies” seems to be on cable almost every time I turn the T.V. on so they had to know that one.

Prom CP 9

I also decided they have all seen “The Breakfast Club” because my niece Marli, who is a college senior, stole my DVD version years ago and has never given it back (along with the majority of my DVD collection, thank goodness I still own a VCR and have a lot of those classics on VHS as well).

Prom CP 3

And then I just couldn’t resist. And because I found it so ironic that I was actually helping decorate for a Prom in the very town that was always known, in my day, as “Henderson? Isn’t that the town that’s like that movie ‘Footloose’?” I had to print out the “Footloose” poster. I topped it all of with some current ones, “Harry Potter”, “The Avengers” and finally “The Hunger Games”.

Prom CP 7

The vases got tweaked a bit as well. I ended up wrapping the tickets around the outside and creating a “Heartland Prom” label to stick on the vases. I then filled them with popcorn. I also was short one letter after spelling out ‘Hollywood’ so I made an arrow, which kind of ended up being my favorite. Kelli and my mom came to help me set up. Mom was immediately sent home to pop more popcorn and after getting everything set up, Kelli and Sidney topped off the centerpieces by draping tons of tickets everywhere.

Prom CP 8

Because I’m obviously so full of myself, I spent the majority of my time taking pictures of my centerpieces and got very few shots of the rest of the gym. And, the shots I did get are a bit crappy but I’m sharing them anyway.

Prom CP 11

One of the dad’s cut out wooden letters for the famous Hollywood Sign that they then put up on the bleachers, complete with floodlights, so it looked like it was up in the Hollywood Hills.

Prom CP 12

My other contribution was taking part in roping my Design Assistant into building this sectional for the kids to hang out on when they were tired of dancing the night away. Stacy discovered some old, plastic chandeliers from a past Prom and hung them above the couch to create a little lounge area.

Prom CP 10

And finally, sorry, I have to do it. Gotta post pics of some of my favorite Prom goers (they are also the only ones I took for some reason).

Pom CP 14

The gorgeous Sidney and her date, my buddy “George” also known as Jordan.

Prom CP 14

And Sidney’s equally gorgeous sister Camryn with one of my favorite kids, the handsome Clay.

One more thing. I got this awesome little video from Sidney Saturday afternoon and have to share it.

Hey Sidney D.! You are more than welcome.

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  1. ang Says:

    AWESOME work, Kerri P. Just pencil me in when all of my kids are juniors!!!

  2. Kriso Says:

    Love all of it! As usual you did a great job!

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