Valentines Day… Bah Humbug!

February 6th, 2014

Love Black

I’m really not sure how it happened. I don’t know what got into me. It must have had something to do with all of those Valentine’s Day pins that flooded my Pinterest page the moment the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve. You know how it is … “On to the next holiday! Full steam ahead!!” All of that red and white cheeriness slowly crept into my cold, dead heart and made me do it, or we could argue, I was just hoping to make a few bucks.

My sister and brother-in-law down in Texas had recently gotten hooked up with a funky, little shop called “Revival” that sells this, that and everything, everything that I love that is. Steve has been making some cool signs for them for several months now and Kris was set to start “merchandising” the shop just in time for Valentines Day. They were looking for some lower priced small items and Kris suggested I make up some small “Swirly Words” canvas’ for V-Day. So I set to work and managed to get a dozen done by mid January.

Swirly Words VDay

I must admit, my aforementioned cold, dead heart started to thaw just a bit while painting all those happy words.

Boxed up love

Throw in David Cassidy and a “Partridge Family” reference… and who could resist making a pretty, little printable out of that line?

At this point, if you had held an x-ray screen over my heart, it might have burst out of the frame much like the Grinch’s. Because suddenly I was decorating my house for Valentines Day. Well, I was attempting to decorate. Nothing really came together like I wanted it to. Since I’ve always been such a Scrooge I really didn’t have much V-Day decor to work with. I ended up making the requisite V-Day chalkboard…

All You Need Is Love CB

with some new, brightly colored chalk that I found at Hobby Lobby thanks to a tip from my sister.

VDay Closet 3

And then I was finally able to fill up my latest gumball machine.

VDay Closet 4

My niece Morgan gave me this little number for Christmas. Of course, just like the other gumball machine I own, it didn’t come with a key. Enter my faithful Design Assistant. Once again, he was able to bend a little piece of metal just enough to fit in the keyhole so I could open it. I still laugh when I think of how I took my other gumball machine to the hardware store in search of a key and they couldn’t help me. They said my only option was a locksmith. Ha! They obviously don’t know about my Design Assistant. Now I just have a little square of metal sticking out the top of both machines that just opens them up lickity-split, a whole lot cheaper than a locksmith.

VDay Closet

I scoured my house for anything red and then remembered my Prom arrow… perfect. So there you go, my holiday closet is complete, not my best work, I guess my “heart” still wasn’t totally in it (pun intended).

Typewriter print

I found a cute typewriter print on Pinterest that I printed up and accented with some of my sisters cheerful bunting.


And finally I scraped together a few more “smalls” to fill up my dining room toolbox, again not my best work, but it will do.

I’m including the “I Think I Love You” printable and my “All You Need Is Love” chalk art for your downloadable pleasure, I know the big day is almost upon us, but print them out and save them for next year. And if anyone’s interested I still have a few “Swirly Word” V-Day canvas’ to get rid of, $20 for an 8×10 and $25 for an 11×14. Just drop me a line at kerrip21@gmail.com with your order.

Happy Valentines Day… Bah Humbug! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).



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  1. ang Says:

    I LOVE it all!!! I remember needing subtitles for “Four Weddings!”

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