V-Day Decor

January 20th, 2013


One of the first things I do when visiting my sister is make a round of the house to check out her latest decor. I was lucky to hit a holiday this time. Although she always has cool and unusual decor all year round. I’m always jealous of her mantle because I don’t have one to decorate. She used up almost an entire bottle of turquoise glitter glittering that branch. She and the girls cut out and stitched the heart garland, the girls each showed me the hearts they made. The glittered birds we both created for our niece’s wedding last January and she made the print of V-Day words in the red frame. The globe is the one that got away for me. We were antiquing on a previous visit and I spotted it first and pointed it out and she called dibs while I was still thinking on it. I’m a good sister and let her have it. She told me Saylor thought it looked dumb up on the mantle until she made the felt bunting and hung it on the globe. I said “Of course the bunting looks awesome because it reminds me of the scene in ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ when Meg Ryan gets to New York for Valentine’s Day and they show the store window of the travel agency with the rotating globe and the string of paper hearts around it.” Of course by the time I was done making the statement Kris was saying the same thing over the top of me. We are weird that way.

felt button heart

felt hearts

More felt hearts, every one was different like a snowflake.

candy machine

The candy machine was a Craig’s List find and it was one of the things I threatened to take home with me. I figured if I got up early enough on our last day and snuck it into the van no one would even notice, I mean they are all half-asleep when we leave anyway.

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