Toppers, Toppers and More Toppers

June 12th, 2013

Higher toppers 4

Time for toppers once again. One final project to complete for the Jen Hatmaker event. My cousin Stacy the cupcake lady, who you might remember was the Prom guru that hired me to help her out, was asked to make cupcakes for the Jen Hatmaker event. Since she would be making 350 cupcakes she decided to keep them simple as opposed to her usually elaborate, beautifully decorated treats. She remembered that I had once offered to make cupcake toppers for her and decided to take me up on it. So on the Sunday after Prom we met up in the church hallway and she handed me some extra-long toothpicks that had been leftover from prom and we both set off on our next project together.

Higher toppers 2

I had designed my toppers and printed out several sheets of them before I started punching them out. I then grabbed “Mr. Pink” and started punching. That sounds simple right? Of course nothing’s simple when it comes to me. I had forgotten what a pain in the butt “Mr. Pink” was. In order to use him, you had to stand up, line up the paper and then press down with all the weight of your entire body (which in my case is considerable) in order to punch through a thin sheet of paper. It was a work-out, I will give it that. After a while I actually had beads of sweat dripping down onto the paper and causing the ink to run. After punching out and assembling 40 toppers, “Mr. Pink” decided to really cause some problems. He kept sticking and every time I tried to get him unstuck I would cut my finger. He got more temperamental as the night wore on until I finally gave up.

Cupcake Toppers again

Luckily I had bought a new scallop punch a while back with the nice handles that you squeeze together. I hadn’t even taken it out of the packaging yet because it was a good half inch smaller than “Mr. Pink” so that would mean I would have to make the design smaller. Thanks to the magic of computers that wasn’t to hard to do, but it did mean that the 40 toppers I already had completed were now null and void. After making my adjustments I reprinted my sheets and got to work with “Mr. White”, sooo much better.

Higher toppers 3

After all that, I was left with one night to get all 350 done. I’m used to all-nighters but am starting to realize I’m getting too old for this BLEEP!! Needless to say I saw the wee hours of the morning and got through almost an entire season of “Breaking Bad” on Netflix. Now that I think about it, that was probably an inappropriate show to watch while working on this particular project. Oops!

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