Top 6 Reasons To Go To Grandmas

August 17th, 2013

Why would two tiny Texans choose to spend their first week of summer vacation in boring, old Nebraska? That’s a good question. Maybe it was the promise of a brand new bike.

1 Q's Bike

You see Q had outgrown her little yellow and white Daisy and while discussing how we were going to fit everything and everyone in MZS BNZ someone came up with the brilliant idea to just buy her a bike when we got home. I wonder who thought of that solution? Wink, wink. So bright and early Monday morning, after swimming lessons that is, Grandpa, Grandma and the Girlies headed to Wal-Mart to find the bike of Q’s dreams.

2 Q's Bike

What a surprise… it’s pink. And the name fit her to a T. I mean “Trouble Maker”? Come on, Grandpa just couldn’t pass that one up.

Maybe they love it at Grandpa and Grandma’s because of the freedom.

3 Kam on bike

We live in a small town, 999 souls to be exact, and that grants a kid freedom. The freedom to hop on a bike and go exploring. Everything is just a short bike ride away and for two kids from the suburb of a big city like Austin that’s a novelty. The first day they rode their bikes to the pool it somewhat resembled a Presidential motorcade as Grandma drove beside them in her van to make sure they got there. Kam had forgotten the route and she’s a bit of a nervous nelly so Grandma gave them an escort minus the lights and sirens.

Perhaps they love the chance to get all dressed up in their Sunday best and go to church.

5 Sunday morning

Their first Sunday at Bethesda happened to be Baptism Sunday. That brought up a bunch of questions. “Kerri, are they really going to pour that whole pitcher of water on his head??”

Visiting favorite friends and cousins might be a drawing card as well.

7 Corey & Stac

Especially when they invite you over for awesome flamingo cookies and cheesecake.

6 Cookies

Their first weekend in town coincided with the city-wide garage sales. This year there were over 50 sales which means the place was hopping. Our tiny little burg brings in some major traffic during garage sales. I’ve actually had people from other towns say “Ohhh, you guys have the best garage sales.” when they find out where I’m from. We managed to wrangle an invite over to cousin Stacy’s house on Sunday night to help out with some of her leftovers. Every year during the sales Stacy runs a first-class bakery out of her garage, lucky for us she didn’t completely sell out.

It could be the plethora of steering wheels available at Grandpa and Grandma’s.

8 Steering Wheel

Kam has been obsessed with steering wheels since she was a baby. It’s her favorite thing. Anytime you’re in a car with her and the driver gets out to run an errand the first question you hear is “Can I come up there and fake-drive?” and just like that she’s out of her belt and crawling over the seat. You can only imagine the heaven she used to be in back when Grandpa and Grandma used to drive a semi. She could fake-drive that big rig for hours.

9 That face

Not sure what the above face was for. Probably because I told them to get out of my car so that I could go to work.

But most of all, I think their favorite thing about being at Grandma’s…

10 Haircuts

is the endless supply of ice cream. Let’s just say Grandma’s not a four-food-groups kind of gal and her freezers are always stocked with Schwan’s.

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