Tip Top Grad Toppers

May 26th, 2013

Next up on the graduation project list was cupcake toppers. Melissa had mentioned several months ago that her high school grad, Maelyn (one of my sweet little Huebert cousins) wanted to go with cupcakes instead of cake for her graduation party. Melissa asked if I could make her some cupcake toppers.

Maelyn close up

I then got a message from Karen asking if I could do cupcake toppers for her grad, Mikaelyn, as well. Karen had been at “The Greatest Baby Shower On Earth” and liked the jar labels my sister Kris had made for all of the candy jars along with the bunting Kris created so she put in an order for those items too.

As Prom and graduation were only a week apart I was becoming a bit swamped so one night during one of our three-hour phone conversations sister Kris offered to design the toppers for me. I took her up on that offer. Since we share the same brain I knew her designs would look exactly like what I had in mind so I sent her the specifics.

She soon sent me her first drafts. One for Maelyn…

first draft Maelyn

and one for Mikaelyn.

Mikaelyn first draft

I sent them off for the ladies to look at and approve. Kris and I had a bit of a miscommunication as Mikaelyn’s were label designs and not for the cupcake toppers. I had sent both ladies both designs saying we could just change the names out of either one. They both ended up liking the circle ones, however, no one seemed overly excited about the “thumbs up” logo. Kris and I, and our kind of weird brain, really liked the “thumbs up”. Kris thought the “young kids” would like it because it looked like the “like” button on Facebook. I pointed out that the “young kids” have all probably moved on to the Vine app and think Facebook is old fashioned. I also pointed out that it did kind of look like the Kingslayer’s severed hand on “Game of Thrones” and maybe that was grossing them out. We both decided I’m probably the only person in Henderson that would get that Kingslayer reference so that must not be the reason.

Maelyn sheet

So I put my trusty printer to work once again and then started punching.

Maelyn four

I decided they looked kind of plain so I got out my scallop punch. I planned to make scallop punches out of some cute patterned paper to go behind the circles. Unfortunately my scallop punch wasn’t big enough, you could barely see it behind the circle. So one morning before work I headed to “The Scrapbook Page” in Aurora to see if they had any bigger punches. No such luck. The owner Lynelle, who is always super helpful, suggested I use her Cricut machine to make the scalloped circles.

I know every scrapbooker in the world has one of these machines but I had never shown it much interest. Lynelle showed me how to work it and I then went on a hunt for some cute paper. I found the perfect paper for Maelyn but had been hoping for some brighter colors for Mikaelyn. I ended up working with what I had found.

Each of the ladies wanted 5 dozen picks so I quickly got that Cricut to cutting. I then realized all scrapbook paper is double sided and both of my choices of paper had less than optimal designs on the back and looked kind of dumb when cut out. I debated but knew it would bug me so I went and found some solid matching paper that I could glue to the back to cover the weird designs and then stayed and cut out 10 dozen solid scallops as well. Thank goodness I have flexible hours at work and my co-workers never worry about where I am until after lunch. I left with my Ziploc baggies full of scallops and a need to purchase one of those Cricut machines.

Maelyn double stack

It was then time to start assembling.

Maelyn with picks

In the end we just couldn’t resist the “thumbs-up” logo so Mikaelyn got one of those. Hope she wasn’t grossed out.

Mikaelyn picks

I must have been tired or something because I only took the one picture of Mikaelyn’s toppers. I then made some jar labels according to the list Karen had sent me.

Mikaelyn labels

And Kris sewed up all of her leftover bunting pieces from “The Greatest Baby Shower On Earth” and shipped them to me along with some of the felt bunting Karen had requested. By the way, I now have a ton of bunting if anyone out there is interested.


Miscommunication once again reared it’s ugly head. Karen wanted 15 feet of the felt bunting and Kris only sent me 5. She misunderstood the email. But luckily I thought of this…

Felt bunting

on the wall of my dining room. Was it possible? Sure enough, I actually had close to 10 feet of bunting in that jar. Problem solved. Problem solved and graduation projects complete. Congrats Maelyn and Mikaelyn! I’ve enjoyed watching you both grow up. Where does the time go?

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  1. Kathryn Says:

    Holy blog posts!! I click on your blog often hoping to read about your latest adventures . . . often disappointed that nothing new has appeared. But today – jackpot! Yes, that Lynelle is a helpful one. And for you, lucky lady, a Cricut machine would certainly be a tax deductible business expense!! Better go for it.

  2. Kerri Says:

    But now the question is Kathryn, a Cricut or a Silhouette?

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