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Hey Kerri P » Throwback Thursday – Little Piggies

Throwback Thursday – Little Piggies

February 20th, 2014

Brown Paper package

It’s ‘Throwback Thursday’! That’s a thing right? If it isn’t it is now. Actually it’s just a cute title I’m giving this post to make it look like I had every intention of writing it a good five to six months late. So let’s just set my flux capacitor dials back to August of 2013. What? Were you expecting a trip back to the 1950’s ‘Enchantment Under the Sea’ dance? Sorry, nothing that exciting. We’re just going back to last August when I was invited to a baby shower for my beautiful little cousin Malaina. (I for some reason tend to call all of my cousins kids “little cousins” even though many of them are now grown adults as is evidenced by Malaina’s belly.)

I put in an order to sister Kris for some of her cute little burp rags (peas and carrots this time) and then wrapped them up in a “brown paper package all tied up with string” (just sang that as I typed) and headed out in the August heat (remember that August heat? I can’t believe I miss it) for a baby shower in the country.

1 Malaina Shower

Ahhh, there she is, one of the cutest little pregnant mama’s you’ve ever seen along with her adorable husband Brandon, oh, soon to be Grandma Melissa’s in that picture as well… “Hi Melissa! Aren’t you excited to be in a blog post? Meg Duerksen’s never done that for you!” Malaina and Brandon came all the way from Wisconsin so that we could shower them with all kinds of fuzzy pink things.

Of course the highlight of the day for me was the opportunity to case the joint. ‘The Joint’ being Malaina’s step-dad Phil’s shop of treasures. No, that isn’t a restaurant, that is a collectors paradise right there down on the farm. Every time I’ve been in that building of wonder I’ve threatened to leave with something stuffed under my shirt.

2 Malaina Shower

And yes, those are T.G.I.Friday’s booths in Phil’s shop. What a perfect place for a party.

3 Malaina Shower

So the shower was great fun and they got all kinds good stuff for their little bundle of joy. Including an amazing crib set from Grandma Melissa.

Malainas crib set 1

Malaina's Crib set 2

Cute right? And all locally made.

Malaina crib set 4

Malaina crib set 3

You see, Melissa had gotten a tip from my sister Kelli. When my niece Morgan was pregnant with the cutest little girl in the world Sawyer (no offense Malaina, Sophie’s equally cute) she had searched high and low for crib bedding and wasn’t finding anything that she liked. Kelli turned to Etsy and found some super cute crib sets that were very tempting. But then she had a thought, why not give someone local a shot? She had been assisting her wonderful sister (that would be me) with her little business and decided she could do the same by patronizing another small business. That would be Kendra Switzer’s ‘Little Piggies’.

Black polka dot shoes

Kendra has been making these adorable baby shoes (thus the name ‘Little Piggies’) for several years.

Brown floral shoes

Doily shoes

I mean couldn’t you just die from all the cuteness?

Froggie shoes

Pink lace shoes


That would be Kendra’s sweet little boy Heston modeling the argyle shoes that are also pictured below. Love, love, love.

Argyle shoes

So knowing Kendra was an accomplished seamstress Kelli decided to ask her if she wanted to tackle a crib set that she could then give to Morgan as a gift. Kendra had never done one before but had bought some patterns in hopes of attempting it one day. She agreed to take on the challenge and Kelli then went on a fabric shopping spree. Buying fabric is so much fun, I just wish I knew what to do with it after purchasing it.

Kendra definitely knows what to do with fabric. Soon Kelli brought over some of the pieces Kendra had completed for Sawyer’s crib.

1 Sawyer bedding

I took one look at it and said, “She’s never made a crib set before? Are you kidding?”

2 Sawyer bedding

She did such an awesome job!

3 Sawyer bedding

4 Sawyer Bedding

And Kelli did an awesome job of picking out material. That’s not as easy as it sounds.

5 Sawyer bedding

Recognize all the homemade shower gifts decorating Sawyer’s nursery?

6 Sawyer bedding

Kendra also made Morgan a pair of shoes from her bedding material and one of these totally handy changing pads that rolls right up and fits in any diaper bag.

Changing Pad 1

I gave Kendra’s name to my co-worker Justine and recently saw she had completed a crib set for her as well. That material is so Justine.

1 Justines bedding

She even took on ruffles for this ruffly little crib skirt to go with Justine’s bedding.

2 Justine bedding

Isn’t she talented? I so wish I had inherited the sewing gene. So if anyone out there is looking for a totally unique crib set for their little bundle of joy just look up Little Piggies in Henderson, Nebraska on Facebook. I’m sure Kendra will be able to help you out.

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