The Week In Digital Doodles: Texas Edition

August 12th, 2013

I’m starting a new feature aimed at those of you who aren’t into Instagram or Facebook. It’s “The Week In Digital Doodles”, that means you have to look at my random photos and doodles from throughout the week whether you like it or not.

I received an iPhone around Thanksgiving as an early Christmas gift and it has changed my life. I love taking random photos of this, that and the other and then I discovered some awesome apps that allow me to doodle the day away.

The first one I found was “Phonto” that lets you put text on your photos, but then I came across “A Beautiful Mess” and the doodling really got serious. My next find was “PicLab” which I like because they offer a bigger variety of cool fonts. I tend to start out all of my “doodles” in “PicLab” because my rule of thumb is always “fonts first in any situation”. I then save the photo to my camera roll and open it with “A Beautiful Mess” and add on some fun doodles.

It’s become a major source of time suckage but what’s that saying? “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” So without further ado…

Digital Doodles Texas2

Digital Doodles Texas3

Digital Doodles Texas4

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