The Long Road Home

August 12th, 2013

In my mind it is technically still “this week”. A few days ago I promised that I would get us out of Texas this week, and like I said, in my mind Sunday night is the last day of the week so “technically” I’m keeping my promise. God spent Sunday resting after that long week of hard work unfortunately we spent Sunday driving, and there is never a whole lot of rest during a 13 hour road trip. You might nap throughout the day or sleep the entire trip (like Marli) but it’s never really a restful sleep (although I can’t vouch for Marli).

1 Road Home

This particular trip home was bound to be an uncomfortable one. We were cramming five adults, two kids, two extra sets of “Going to Grandma’s” luggage and paraphernalia, at least one bike and various Ikea products jammed into every open crack and crevice of MZS BNZ. Oh and lets not forget about “the engine issue that must not be named”.

The old man set our departure time at 8 a.m. the night before, which was somewhat surprising since it’s usually 5 a.m. I guess the Wipe Out Zone must have wiped him out. My suitcase was bulging with as much loot as possible in order to avoid the old man’s disapproving stares at the number of shopping bags we always plop down in a pile by the back door. He had just finished packing everything in the van when the downpour started. Cats and dogs I tell you. We decided to wait it out and sat around in the living room for awhile staring at each other. When it finally let up we made a run for it.

As always, we weren’t even out of town before Kam asked if she could watch a movie. The built in DVD player in MZS BNZ has always been a favorite feature for the girlies. Not so much for me. It’s located under my seat (weird huh?) and I always have to get it going blind since we are usually packed in so tight there’s no way I can get on the floor so that I can see what I’m doing. And much to the disappointment of several of my Facebook friends, who thought we were watching Johnny 5 from “Short Circuit” after I posted the above photo to Facebook, we were in fact watching “Wall-E”. Is “Short Circuit” even available on DVD?

2 Road Home

We are nothing if not creatures of habit in my clan. We generally drive as far as Waco and then stop for a big breakfast at the same Ihop every single trip. We were thrown a curve this time as everybody else must have had the same idea and there would be a 15 minute wait so we had to go across the road to Denny’s.

3 Road Home

In the end the service was so slow at Denny’s that we could have just stayed at Ihop.

I took over the wheel somewhere just inside of Oklahoma and then we started to make some good time (I tend to have a heavier foot than the old man). Poor Kelli was crammed in the way back seat with the girls and several stuffed animals. Even though it was all but impossible to move much the girls were troopers and never once fought the entire trip.

6 Road Home

I got us as far as Hesston, Kan. where we ended up dumping some of our “dead weight”. Grandpa Marc was in Kansas visiting little Sawyer Mae so they came and met us at a gas station and both Kelli and Marli drove the rest of the way home with him. Ahhhh!!! We could stretch out a little.

7 Road Home

Three hours later I was being dropped off on my front porch. After the last few nights sleeping in a recliner I was very excited to head for my Temper-Pedic.

On a side note, I’ve been watching “Saving Private Ryan” while writing this post (gotta add a touch of T.V. to every post). Anytime that movie is on I will watch it along with my all-time favorite mini-series “Band of Brothers”. But that scene early on when the mother sees the military vehicle coming up the dirt road bearing bad news gets me every time. The way we watch from behind as she walks out the door and gently collapses to the floor? Blubber city. I cry every time. That’s something you should know about me, I’m a blubberbaby. I cry at the drop of a hat while watching T.V. (but not in church, I’m sticking with my allergy defense on that issue).

I also had forgotten how many big names are in that movie, I mean besides Tom Hanks and the main cast. Practically every bit part is a well known actor, from Bryan Cranston, now forever in my mind as Walter White from “Breaking Bad”, to the late Dennis Farina, to Paul Giamatti, Ted Danson, Nathon Fillion (I salute you Captain) and finally current Cornhusker fan Matt Damon as Ryan himself. All I know is that movie was robbed of an Oscar, I mean ‘Shakespeare In Love’? Whatever!

Now that we’re back home, and “Saving Private Ryan” is over, I can start filling you in on some projects I’ve been working on this summer. It’s been a busy summer, so stay tuned.

3 Responses to “The Long Road Home”

  1. ang Says:

    Saving Private Ryan??? UGH! One of Brian’s favorites. I’ll definitely join you for a 16 Candles, Breakfast Club marathon.

  2. kerri Says:

    Blasphemy Angela!! How can you give “Saving Private Ryan” an UGH! Shame on you. Although what else would I expect from someone who hates “The Walking Dead”?

  3. Kathryn Says:

    Allergies in church huh? Must be all of that old lady perfume in our section. Who do you girls get it from. . . I think Kelli’s the same way.

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