The Knotty Bobbin

August 21st, 2013

Several months ago I was asked by Cindy Erb, a local hometown entrepreneur, if I would design a logo for her new business. She is a seamstress extraordinaire and has started sewing the cutest bags and purses. She also came up with the cutest name for her new business, ‘The Knotty Bobbin’. So I started out by giving her three designs to choose from.

2 Knotty Bobbin logo

Here’s Design No. 1…

1 Knotty Bobbin Logo

design No. 2…

3 Knotty Bobbin logo

and finally Design No. 3.

I was very excited that she picked Design No. 1 since it was my favorite and no one ever seems to pick the design that I like when I give them options. This always makes me feel out of touch.

So once Cindy decided on a design she planned on having it printed on labels that could then be sewn into her projects. She also asked me to design a business card.

4 KB card & Tiki

I used a heavy white cardstock (that I had on hand from my niece Morgan’s wedding, it was too heavy for her wedding invitations so Kelli planned on returning the two reams we had ordered, shhhh… don’t tell her I’ve been using it) and printed the logo toward the top and over to the side and her contact information in the opposite corner at the bottom. This left room for a strip of Washi tape that I thought resembled fabric.

5 KB cards

I had bought a tube of eight rolls of coordinating Washi tape in red and turquoise during my February trip to Texas and hadn’t even cracked it open yet. It was perfect for this project and I now have a new favorite product. I even went online and ordered five more sets of tape just to have on hand, and they have definitely come in handy during the last few months.

I then used a paper punch to make notches on both ends of the Washi tape stripe and then tied some red and white baker’s twine around the card so that there would be a “knot” on ‘The Knotty Bobbin’ business cards. I then repeated this process 250 times. I guess that’s not completely true, I alone didn’t make all 250 cards, the bulk of the cards were made when my sister Kris was home for a week. I opened up the old Mobile Sweat Shop at my Mom’s house and between Kelli, Kris, Marli and I we got them cranked out. So thankful for my faithful ‘Sweat Shop’ employees.

And finally Cindy also wanted a banner for the Etsy shop she would be starting so I made her three banners with some of my digital scrapbook paper that I once again thought looked like material.

6 Knotty Bobbin Banner

Here’s Banner No. 1…

Knotty Bobbin Banner2.indd

Banner No. 2…

Knotty Bobbin Banner3.indd

and finally Banner No. 3.

Make sure to check out The Knotty Bobbin the next time you’re killing time on Etsy.

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  1. Melissa Says:

    Love this design! I had Cindy make something and I thought her business cards and logo was super cute, now I know why. And, what she made me was so, so fun & exciting also–putting a big plug in for the both of you creative ladies!!

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