The Greatest Baby Shower On Earth (Oh my, Aren’t We Full Of Ourselves)

April 14th, 2013

Introducing Sawyer Mae

‘The Greatest Baby Shower On Earth’ is in the books. Everything came together and we were able to pull off another one. The brains behind this operation, my sister Kris, rolled into town from Texas last Thursday and you could almost hear the ‘Ya-da-da-da-da-da-dot-da-da-da-da-da’ circus music trailing behind her.

Our niece Morgan had decided on a circus theme for her nursery and that set Kris’ party planner brain a spinning. She had come up with “The Greatest Baby Shower On Earth” theme and everything grew from there. She did the majority of the prep work back home in Texas and I had received a few updates from the road so I knew she had been crafting, cutting and clipping as the miles flew by. I mean what else is there to do on a 13 hour road trip?

So late Thursday night I headed over to the folks after being notified that the circus had arrived. We immediately had a little show-and-tell session. The first item she pulled out of her bag of tricks, or should I say Rubbermaid of tricks, was this amazing elephant mobile she made out of felt for baby Sawyer.

Elephant mobile 2

Are these not the cutest elephants you ever did see?

Elephant mobile

And then she pulled out these adorable burp rags that she had sewn for Morgan, or more appropriately for Sawyer.

Burp Rags

There were four of them and I could just kick myself for not taking pictures of each of them. One had bright yellow chevron material sewn on it and the other had a string of multi-colored felt pennants sewn along the edge. And then of course there is this one which is my favorite. As Rachel Zoe would say, “I die!”

Burp Rags 2

I showed off my collaboration with my Design Assistant (my Dad). My “K’ marquee letter. I have been wanting one for myself for years and came upon a tutorial online where they made one out of wood and used it in a baby nursery so of course I had to do the same. It would be the centerpiece of our food table and Morgan could then take it home to hang in Sawyer’s nursery. I had planned on having my Dad help me make it but he pretty much took over in the end. I did draw up the pattern so that’s something. Oh, and I ordered the lights. I had used a set of clear globe lights that I already had on hand to figure out the size of the letter and the bulb spacing but once we plugged them in, whoa, it was like a neon sign. So I found the exact same lights online but with frosted bulbs and ordered them. Much better, except for the fact that the string they sent me had three burnt out bulbs. Bummer.

Lit up K

That night I went home and continued printing out the shower game packets that Kris had designed. I also printed them the next morning while getting ready for work. I’m including the PDF of the shower games if any of you are interested in downloading them for your next circus themed shower.

Shower Games

Kris spent Friday re-arranging furniture and making last minute trips to York while I was at work. Brother-in-law Steve saved my butt by finishing up the circus animal project for me. See how good they look with the right kind of paint on.

Painted animals

That night we got to decoratin’. Kris tackled the tissue paper conglomeration right away and then fought with it for the rest of the night.

The Queens Throne

While she was fighting tissue paper I was raiding my house of all my candy jars and any other kind of circus-like junk I had laying around. Kris filled the candy jars with some old-school candy she found at Michael’s and then topped it off with some cute little labels that she made.

Cute as a Button

‘Cute As A Button’ went on the jar full of button candy.

Cute as a Button 2

And ‘Little Peanut’ went on the circus peanut jar.

Little Peanut

And then she ordered some foam clown noses and they got a ‘Clown Around’ label.

Clown Around

My ‘K’ and some rolls of tickets were then added to the table.

K on table 2

K on table

In the end we had gathered enough junk that we were able to decorate every open surface with circus stuff, like this…

Gumballs and tickets

and this …

Circus Peanut table

Circus Peanut table 2

and this …

Elephant in a bell jar

Oh and Kris had also sewn the cute bunting you see wrapped around the elephant in the bell jar. She also had it hanging all around the room and now Morgan will be able to hang it in Sawyer’s nursery as well.


We also finished cutting out and assembling the shower game packets that night.

Shower Games 2

Shower day rolled around and the majority of our last minute prep work involved food. Oh and I had to finish up one of my gifts, actually my Design Assistant finished it up for me once again. I had made a birth announcement print, found a frame at an antique store and painted it to match the print. All I asked was for my Dad to put a piece of wood behind the print inside the frame. He of course went above and beyond and found an old piece of plexiglass that he had laying around and cut it to put in front of the print.

Sawyer sign

We displayed the print on the gift table, which was actually an antique shop find from the weekend before. Kelli was looking for something Morgan could use as a side table next to her rocker in the nursery and I spotted the cutest little typewriter cart at Railroadtown Antiques, and best of all, it was already painted orange.

Gift table

Presents with tickets

All that was left to finish was the food table. Our mom made six different kinds of bars to serve our guests, and of course Kris made cute little picks to label them with.

Bar Picks


I popped some popcorn, which by the way, made the house smell like a circus (that was the plan), and filled up some cute bags which Kris had left over from her Halloween party.


She also brought along her seasoning shakers for guests to add to their popcorn at the table.

Popcorn 3


Morgan’s aunt Dianna brought two dips and an amazing vegetable pizza and that filled up the food table. Unfortunately I only got one picture of the food table and it’s a blurry mess, but here it is anyway…

Blurry table

And then the guest of honor arrived, Sawyer Mae, ‘The Greatest Baby On Earth’, (oh, there I go again).

Guest of Honor 2

And her mom came too (she’s the blonde in the picture).

Guest of Honor

Gifts were opened.

Opening gifts 2

Girly clothes were oohheed and awwwweed over.

Opening gifts

And that would be Sawyer’s Auntie Marli in the polka dot pants. Marli was the only person in that room who could pull off polka dot Hammer Pants, a floral tee and white platform sandals.

Karli and Sawyer

Sawyer then made the rounds.

Saylor clownin

And clownin’ around and fun was had by all. Welcome to the family Sawyer Mae! ‘Ya-da-da-da-da-da-dot-da-da-da-da-da’

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  1. Lindsey Eckert Says:

    I want to have a baby so I can have a cute shower like this. 🙂

  2. Kriso Says:

    Loved it all! You did a great job of putting this together….‘Ya-da-da-da-da-da-dot-da-da-da-da-da circus Afro circus Afro. And Marli don’t worry we still have lots of ideas for you!

  3. ang Says:

    Yep, GREATEST baby shower on earth with the GREATEST GREAT Aunts on earth!! I think I sampled all of those little bars made by Em!! Great job, Ladies!!

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