The Artist Martha

May 3rd, 2013


My lovely niece Marli, otherwise known as Martha (what can I say, she’s a girl of many nicknames) is set to graduate from Doane College in just a few weeks. She is an art major, much to the chagrin of her father. The poor guy, I know he was hoping for a business major of some kind but that’s not what he got. He has witnessed both of Marli’s aunts, my sister Kris and myself, struggle through life as frustrated artists so I know that’s not what he really wanted for his kid. But the urge to create just can’t be stopped and Martha has creativity oozing out of her, I mean have you seen the way she dresses?


So last Wednesday was Martha’s Senior Art Show. So the family packed up and headed to Crete in the pouring rain, which then turned to sleet and then later back into rain. The majority of Martha’s art is what you would call “Mixed Media”. A lot of watercolors, torn paper and acrylics. Here are some of my favorites.


The quote is of course from “Peter Pan” and you can’t tell but she photocopied a page from a “Peter Pan” story book and glued that down behind the quote.


A funky and fun print.


This little girl with the long, skinny, striped legs is a recurring character in her paintings. She appears in almost every one.


This one is called “Sisters” and is painted from a photo of Marli and her sister Morgan when they were tiny little girls. She gave Morgan a copy of it for Christmas. I think it’s so cute.


This one was her dad’s favorite.


Her self-portrait, which looks so much like her.


And my favorite. It’s called “Losing My Marbles”. Love it.


Martha and her proud Papa in his tablecloth shirt. Whenever he wears this shirt he offers to bend over and serve as our picnic table. The man is a bit nuts, but in a good way.


And finally, Martha and her family. So proud I could burst.

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  1. ang Says:

    Nicely done, Marli. All of her artwork is so “marli”. I LOVE it!!

  2. Kriso Says:

    Oh so Martha!

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