The Amazing Race Huebert Edition Season Two

August 4th, 2017


On July 17, 2017 eight teams of Huebert cousins raced around Mahoney State Park in pursuit of  a million dol… oops… that’s actually Phil’s line… in pursuit of two chintzy, homemade trophy’s and most importantly bragging rights until the next reunion on ‘The Amazing Race Huebert Edition Season Two’.


Let’s meet the competitors. Cue the theme music… duh, duh, duh, dum, da, dum, da, dum….


Just look at them up there, all those smiling faces, they have no idea what’s in store for them. Here are your teams…


#teambison Sara and Troy Huebert. Our first of three married couples who competed. Kudos to Sara for running the race after giving birth only four months ago and on a borrowed bike with no gears. Troy you have a trooper.


#teamss Tanner Steingard and Brandon Schlautman. ‘S’ for Steingard and ‘S’ for Schlautman get it? Not a real original team name but considering they had never really met until this weekend we’ll give them a break. And as my co-conspirator Kris pointed out they would have fit in perfectly on the last season of the actual Amazing Race since none of the teams knew each other before they started and were randomly assigned teammates.


#teambm Morgan and Brandon Kaufman. Again, ‘B’ for Brandon and ‘M’ for Morgan and then their team photo should explain the rest of the story. They are the second of our three married couples to run the race and were happy to report they are still married.


#teamoutlaws Stacy Dick and Pam Huebert. Our defending champions from Season One and their team name describes their status. But they’ve both been around long enough we hardly consider them ‘outlaws’ anymore.


#teamclueless Reid Huebert and Lane Huebert. Cousins by birth, partners by choice. Both ran the race last season under the same name and once again proved the name a fitting moniker (boys, ‘moniker’ means nickname).


#teamtimeout Scott and Patrice Gaines. The Elder Team in our 50+ Age Division and the last of our three married couples. They also ran the race last season and according to their photo are a little worse the wear because of it. Next time we’re going to give them a couple of Fast Passes to help them out.


#teamrosegold Maelyn Meisinger (did I spell that right Maelyn? That last name still sounds odd to me) and Haley Huebert. Once again, cousins by birth and partners by choice. Haley was a member of #teamguards last season with Camryn Dick and this year chose her cousin Maelyn as her partner. Just a few weeks earlier Haley had served as one of Maelyn’s bridesmaids at her ‘rosegold’ colored wedding, thus the team name. Haley, again, did a lot of pre-race prep. She’s a bit of a brainiac.


And finally #teamfoxtrot Marli Peters and Tim Kulhanek. Newly engaged with dancing in their blood. Marli ran the race last season as a member of #teamtresamigas with Saylor and Kambel Newman. This year she partnered with her fiancé Timmy who was attending his very first Huebert Reunion and probably left thinking we were all a bit nuts.

So there you have it, eight teams. Eight teams who would peddle, paddle, run, sweat, very likely cheat and even send a few obscene Selfies in their quest for the title.


So lets go back to the very start. Before the race we gathered everyone together in the Huebert/Goertzen cabin (the same cabin that over 70+ family members had invaded the night before for a burger fry) to explain how the race would work.


Arrangements were made for childcare and we found some bikes for Troy and Sara to borrow since they had just come up for the day not knowing if they would run the race or not. Once all of those details were secured we went around the room and got everyone’s team names. Some had them ready to go while others just came up with something on the fly. You could already tell the veteran racers from the newbies. Kris went on to describe some of the new aspects of the race.


This year we stepped up our game, if you can call ordering $5 fanny packs off of Amazon stepping up your game, and handed one out to each team. The packs included two color coordinated handkerchiefs so we could keep track of who was on which team, a pen and small tablet for note taking, a map of the park and a voucher for one paddle boat ride. Some quickly dug through their packs and found the paddleboat tickets which tipped them off to the fact that they would be paddleboating. Pretty sure Patrice is adding Tylenol, Advil and Ibuprofrin to her pack in the background of the above photo.


Haley was spotted helping her brother Reid figure out how to properly fold his bandanna and I’m pretty sure that was the last tip she gave him.


Meanwhile Kris explained that we had added a few new elements to the race such as the Selfie Check-In. Along the race route we had hidden four ‘Roaming Gnomes’ (on the actual Amazing Race there is always one leg of the race where they must find a ‘Roaming Gnome’ statue and then carry it with them throughout that leg) in our version they would have to find the required gnome and take a team selfie with it and text the selfie to either Kris or I. There were also two additional ‘gnomeless’ stops along the way that would require a team selfie. I gave out our cell numbers so everyone could program them into their phones and almost immediately both of our phones started ringing. Marli looked up guiltily and said ‘I wanted you both to be at the top of my recent call list for easy access.’ Soon our phones started ringing away. Have I mentioned this proved to be a competitive group?


Another added twist this season was the puzzle pieces. After completing the required Roadblocks (A Roadblock is either a physical or mental challenge that teams must perform before receiving their next Detour) a Race Staff Member would hand them a single puzzle piece along with their next Detour. At the end of the race they would be required to assemble their puzzle with no missing pieces, thus ensuring they had performed all of the Roadblocks. This is also why fanny packs proved necessary. Check out Tanner in the above photo. He obviously has inherited his mother Lori’s competitive spirit and love of games because, I mean, can you say ‘game face’? Meanwhile Lane’s in the back enjoying a cold beverage.

After we had covered all of the rules, and sang a quick round of Happy Birthday to Kris who was yet again spending her birthday sweating profusely at Mahoney State Park, we headed out for team pictures and the racers then gathered up their bikes. It was at this point that Kris realized we had placed the wrong clue box at the top of the observation tower which would be part of the last leg of the race so she hopped into my car and took off to fix the situation.

The rest of us headed out to the road in front of the cabin and I pointed out the little red flag with the yellow stripe stuck in the ground and told them to head north and follow the flags to find the first clue box…


And they were off!


The flags would lead them toward the Lee & Helene Sapp Riverview Lodge and Nature Center at the northern most tip of the park. The first Detour read as follows:

‘Welcome To The Amazing Race’
It’s the start of the race, year two’s underway,
Check over your map for a place you can play.
You’ll pass some Deer, a Wolf and a Cork while you bike,
Then look for a spot where they bump, set and spike.


It wasn’t long before they came racing back past us and I so wish I had gotten a shot of that because it looked like a scene straight from the Tour de France. The Detour would lead racers past the Running DEER Cabins, the Prairie WOLf Cabins and the County CORK Cabins to a sand volleyball court.

Meanwhile Kris still had my vehicle so I was forced to hitch a ride with our Mobile Hydration Station which consisted of a van filled with Corey Dick, Kelli Peters, Sawyer, Coy and Karsyn Kaufman and Marc Peters behind the wheel. Oh, and several coolers filled with bottled water for all of the racers.

We headed for the sand volleyball court and along the way passed #theoutlaws peddling away on their bikes. Stacy yelled at us that the gears on Pam’s bike weren’t working and wanted us to go back and get Corey’s bike for her. Unfortunately Troy was already using Corey’s bike. The point of my sharing this tidbit is that once again, Jerry sent one of his family members out on faulty equipment, AFTER I SPECIFICALLY ASKED HIM NOT TO in the Reunion Newsletter! Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, tsk, tsk, tsk. So we knew our defending champions were already at a serious disadvantage. We, somewhat cruelly, left them in our dust and kept on toward Roadblock #1 where I soon discovered our second snafu.


The first Roadblock was called the ‘Ping Pong Pop Up’ and racers were required to use the plastic Solo cup provided, fill it with water from one of several five gallon buckets and then run to one of eight PVC pipes stuck in the sand.


They would then pour the water into the pipe and repeat the process until three ping pong balls ‘popped up’. The balls each had a number written on them and racers were instructed to HOLD ONTO THEIR BALLS as the numbers would come in handy later on.


Earlier that morning Race Crew Members Steve, Kambel and Saylor Newman along with Saylor’s friend Shelley, Kris and I had set up this particular Roadblock. It was the last one we did before starting the race and in our rush we forgot to leave the packet of clues and the puzzle pieces with Steve.

So when I and the Mobile Hydration Station arrived the racers had already performed the Roadblock and were all waiting for their clues. Which meant I had missed my photo opportunity. Who knew they would move that fast? I finally had to just gather them all around and read the next clue outloud to them off of my phone. It went like this:

‘Where In The World Is Eugene Mahoney?’
Head to the spot where “The Fossils” sleep and unpack,
Then look all around for “The Founders” brass plaque.
Once it is found strike a pose, snap a pic,
Then text it to Kerri but do it quick, quick, quick.
It’s at this spot where a cluebox will be found,
Right next to something that goes up and down.

They headed off toward the main lodge before I even finished reading the Detour. The Lodge is where ‘The Fossils’ have always slept. ‘The Fossils’ is a nickname I inadvertantly gave the original Huebert siblings and their spouses several years ago. Those in attendance this year included, Twila and Lauren Penner, Jenny Friesen, Elvera Huebert, John and Adeline Huebert, Pat and Don Salzman and Em and Joe Pankratz. Siblings and spouses there with us in spirit included, Leo and DeLorris Huebert, Darlene and Bud Steingard, Milton Huebert, Robert Friesen and Tom Dick.

In the lobby of the Lodge was a brass plaque with a photo of the park’s namesake, Eugene Mahoney, on it. Teams were required to take a photo in front of the plaque. The Selfie’s soon started rolling in…


#teamrosegold (who appear to be having a blast)


#teamclueless (who kind of look a little…. clueless)




#teamtimeout (still in good spirits it would appear)


#teamoutlaws (who despite the bike issue had already made it to the second Roadblock)




And I’m pretty sure this blur is #teambison.

Next to the brass plaque was the elevator and we left the next Roadblock Box on the floor next to it. Roadblock #2 was called ‘Fun Bova but Unga’ (which is German for ‘From Top To Bottom’, all of ‘The Fossils’ spoke German before learning English while growing up). Teams were asked to count the number of stairs in the main lobby stairway (which covered three floors) and then find Joe Pankratz in the basement and give him the number they came up with.

When they told him the correct number of stairs he gave them a card with the German phrase “Ech mutt me nach da schneiavest oun trika.” on it. They were told to memorize the phrase and then had to recite it outloud to Lauren Penner who gave them their next Detour and puzzle piece when it was done to his satisfaction. Oh, and if you’re wondering the phrase translates roughly to “Hold on, let me get my girdle on.” which was apparently something my Grandma Huebert would often say. We consulted with my parents before the race on a German phrase and that is what they came up with!

After completing the Roadblock Lauren gave them a puzzle piece and Detour #3 which was:

‘The Stinky Link’
Now well versed in German it’s time to learn a new skill,
Lures, poles and bobbers will help make the kill.
Last time this location raised a bit of a stink,
But this body of water will provide the last “Link”.


The Detour led racers to Century Link Lake where they found Roadblock #3 entitled ‘Fishing for Clues’ Racers were told to find the fishing dock and start reeling in the lines until they found the next Detour. We had placed the Detour cards and puzzle pieces into ziplock baggies and then attached them to fishing line which we dropped into the lake and tied the line to the railing of the dock. After reeling in the line they found Detour #4 which read:

The ‘Floating Gnome’
Ruth’s waterway is next with bridges all around,
It’s at this spot the “Floating Gnome” will be found.
Stop and take a selfie with the bearded little guy,
And text it to Kris before too much time flies on by.

So down the road a ways is a beautiful little waterway with a large wooden bridge over it and several bridges and flowers all around and this is the spot where we hid ‘The Floating Gnome’. It wasn’t long before the teams found his hiding spot…






#teamtimeout (the smiles are starting to fade a little bit)


#teamclueless (who really need to work on their Selfie game).




#teamrosegold (who are currently in competition with #teamfoxtrot for ‘Best Selfie Takers’!


#teambison (who this time managed a nose, three eyes and just a sliver of ‘The Floating Gnome’, but hey, at least they’re in focus).


And #teamfoxtrot (who also seem to be having a blast).

Right next to ‘The Floating Gnome’ was a cluebox with Detour #5 inside. It said:

‘Baright’ Idea
Get back on your bikes, leave the Gnome in your dust,
If you feel like a ‘paddle’ this next stops a must.
It’s a bit of a workout, you might even get wet,
Keep your eyes on the shore for some people you’ve met.


This Detour led racers to the Owen Marina and Craft Center which is located on Baright Lake. Beside the marina sign at the top of the hill was a cluebox with Roadblock #4 inside. Racers were told to take the Paddle Boat Voucher from inside their pack into the marina and give it to the cashier as payment for one paddleboat ride.


Once they were on the pond paddling, like #teamclueless above, they were to look along the shoreline for ‘some people you’ve met’. Race Staff Member Extrordinaire Steve Newman had placed five Fat Head posters…


Featuring cousins Smooth Johnny Lynn Steingard, Jenice (Friesen) Epp, Monica (Huebert) Hill, Joni (Penner) Mann and Randy Huebert along the shoreline. We mixed up the order of the words and here’s where we really tricked the racers, the sign that said ‘Craft’ was located on the opposite side of the pond in a little fishing cove area. So almost everyone missed it entirely and only saw ‘Go to the center’.


#teamfoxtrot appears a little confused but they also seem to have a handle on married life already, the husband looking around cluelessly while the wife consults the map.

#teambm informed me following the race that this had been the absolute worst Roadblock of them all. They paddled all the way to the far side of the pond and Brandon even got out of their boat and went up on shore to search in a birdhouse he had spotted thinking the clue might be there. Brandon, when it comes to this race Kris and I are ambitious, but NOT THAT ambitious. No walking around an entire pond for us. That’s why we made Steve put up the Fat Head signs.

Once teams spotted the Fat Head signs they took off for the Craft Center, which is located on the same dock as the Marina, so the teams on the paddle boats, and those waiting in line for the paddle boats, saw them head in that direction and quickly followed suit. And because we didn’t have anyone at the paddle boats handing out puzzle pieces some teams skipped this Roadblock altogether, which was a no, no and would come back to haunt them later.


Once inside the Craft Center they found a Clue Box telling them to get a Huebert Trivial Pursuit Quiz from Em or Jennie. The quiz had fifteen questions and they would be allowed to miss five. They were also allowed the ‘Phone A Friend” option where they would be allowed to call one person to help them with completing the quiz (this was also referred to as the ‘let’s help Lane and Reid out option). If they were unable to answer ten questions correctly they would have to take a two minute penalty and sit for two minutes before moving on. We tried to also make most of the questions multiple choice as well. Here’s what the quiz looked like:

1. Q: Which four Huebert Cousins did NOT graduate from Bethel College?
• Gary     • Rhonda     • Monica     • Randy     • Lynn     • Greta     • Rick     • Jerry     • Morgan  • Whitney     • Tanner

A: Randy, Jerry, Rhonda & Rick

2. Q: Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match. Find me a find, catch me a catch. Which Huebert Cousin had a hand in John Steingard meeting his beautiful bride?
A: Kelli

3. Q: What was the brand of coffee cake Twila served on Sunday’s before church?
• Krusteaz     • Duncan Hines     • Betty Crocker     • Aunt Jemima
A: Aunt Jemima

4. Q: Which one of these schools did Randy Huebert not coach football at?
• Aurora      • Coleridge     • Malvern, Iowa     • Papillion La Vista     • Colby, Kan.
• Perciville, Iowa
A: Perciville, Iowa and I think Colby, Kan.

5. Q: Several of Robert and Jennie’s children and grandchildren have done mission work overseas and in the states. Match the child/grandchild to the country or state they served in.
– Valerie                                  Detroit, Mich.
– Jennifer                                Bolivia
– Bob                                        Africa
– Abigail                                  Bolivia
– Jenice                                    Indonesia
A: Valerie – Indonesia; Jennifer – Africa; Bob – Bolivia; Abigail – Detroit, Mich.; Jenice – Bolivia

6. Q: What sport and division does Scott Gaines serve as a referee for?
A: Big 12 Football

7. Q: Match the Huebert relative with the dish they are famous for bringing to Huebert Reunions.
– Lindy                • Marshmallow Fluff with Hershey Chunks
– Cindy                • Potato Salad
– Adeline             • Cindy Huebert Salad
– Em                     • Deviled Eggs
– Jenny                • German Chocolate Cake
– Darlene             • Butterhorns
A: Lindy – Deviled Eggs, Cindy – Cindy Huebert Salad, Adeline – Marshmallow Fluff with Hershey Chunks, Em – Potato Salad, Jenny – German Chocolate Cake, Darlene – Butterhorns

8. Q: Which Huebert nephews worked for Joe when he owned Joe’s Construction?
• Jim     • Jerry     • Randy     • Gary     • Lynn     • Johnny Lynn.    • Bob     • Lauren
A: Jim, Randy, Lynn, Lauren

9. Q: What make and model of vehicle did all of the Friesen kids drive to school?
A: A Ford Falcon

10. Q: How many sets of twins are there in the Huebert family?
A: Four (Grandpa H.H. Huebert was a twin, Wanda’s twins Natalie and Nicole, Joni’s twins Kyle and Kelsey and Allison’s twins Henry and Caroline)

11. Q: Where did Uncle John do his PAX Service?
• Bolivia     • Thailand     • Paraguay     • Haiti
A: Paraguay

12. Q: Which two of Fossil Couples had a double wedding and even wore matching wedding dresses?
A: Pat & Tom and Joe & Em

13. Q: What strange food combination has been passed down and enjoyed by several generations of Hueberts?
A: Buttermilk and Noodles

14. Q: Which two Huebert cousins were crowned back to back Homecoming Queens at Heartland Community School?
A: Haley and Ellie

15. Q: Which Huebert Cousin served as their college mascot and is currently “Slugger”, the Kansas City Royals mascots, assistant?
• Tate Penner     • Brianna McQuay     • Broc Penner     • Jake Penner     • Kyle Mann    • Kelsey Weins

As you can see in the photo above almost all of the teams arrived at once and there was some confusion. I don’t believe anyone actually read the Roadblock cards inside the box. Instead mom just told them what to do and didn’t realize they were allowed to miss five questions. She finally let teams leave after they had attempted the test and been there for at least two minutes. But not before giving them their next Detour Card and puzzle piece. The Detour read like this:

Take Your Best Shot
Just down the road, if you stay on the loop,
Is a spot the Storz play, just look for a hoop.
Your skills will be tested, from several spots,
So look for some balls and take your best shot.


This Detour would take them to the Robert H. Storz Family Children’s Recreational Area next to the Little Creek Campground. Here they would find a basketball court and Phil and Melissa Goertzen and Lori Steingard waiting for them.

I had drawn numbers on the court, on both ends, with sidewalk chalk, and they were instructed to make five shots from No. 3, two shots from No. 1, etc.



You can see they were all still pretty much running in a big bunch so it was good there were two basketball goals and that Lori was there to help Phil and Melissa run the Roadblock.



The Roadblock also stated that if you were unable to make the shots required you would have to sit out a two minute penalty before moving on. #teamoutlaws told me after the race that they hadn’t been real confident in their basketball skills so they just chose to take the penalty and sit for a bit and catch their breath. Totally acceptable and really quite smart. Brandon for #teambm informed me after the race that we hadn’t made our penalties long enough. Also true, and something we’ll keep in mind for next season.





Once teams had completed all of the required shots Phil and Melissa handed them their next puzzle piece and Detour which said (oh, by the way, pardon the language)

A Welcoming Site
When “the shitters full” you head for this place,
Then pedal on past to stay in the race.
Just up the road is a “welcoming site”,
Their “administration” will help set you right.

“The shitters full” (which of course is a ‘Christmas Vacation’ reference) referred to the dump station up the road…


It was at this spot during our race prep that Kambel attempted to, gracefully, get hit by the numerous sprinklers aimed at the new landscaping while placing race flags. The clue, however, directed racers to “pedal on past” and head towards the Administration Building, which is near the park entrance. We had left a clue box outside of the building with a Roadblock inside that said:

Flightless Birds
Find a spot full of FLAT flightless birds. Add together the maximum wingspan of the birds on display and then take a team selfie with the birds and text it to Kris. Show your ‘Flightless Birds Selfie’ to Twila or Pat and give them your wingspan total. When the total is correct they will hand you your next Detour.


We had discovered this wall of “flat, flightless birds” during our Scouting Trip, as seen above. However, I took a picture of the wall with all of the wingspan measurements but forgot to do the math for the answer until right before the race started. My cousin Rhonda and I quickly did the math while Kris was holding the “Staff Meeting” with all of the Fossils and the rest of the Race Crew so it is possible our calculations were incorrect. I know for sure that our answer was in inches. We should have converted it to feet but didn’t think of it in our rush. So this is where we really hung up all of the teams.

FullSizeRender 3



#teamoutlaws looking rested and rejuvenated after taking that penalty at the last Roadblock.

FullSizeRender 4

#teambm Brandon’s looking a little annoyed with me for miscalculating the wingspans.


#teambison their Selfie Game has improved drastically.


#teamfoxtrot their Selfie Game on the other hand…. but they appear to still be having a blast.


And then there’s #teamtimeout. Do I detect an obscene hand gesture in the above photo? I think I do.

After sending off their Selfie’s teams were to give their wingspan calculations to Twila and Pat who then gave them their next Detour and a puzzle piece.

The next Detour read:

The ‘Welcome Gnome’
Follow the flags, you’re halfway home,
Go to the “entrance” and look for the “Welcome Gnome”.
Take a team Selfie, make sure he’s in the shot,
Text it to Kerri, I’m sure you’ll look hot!


Racers were directed to head for the front entrance of the park where they would find the “Welcome Gnome”  (which is actually the ‘Game of Gnomes’ gnome who doesn’t really look very welcoming) and take and text yet another Selfie. This is also why I stated in my earlier Facebook post to family members that the race would cover the entire park from one end to the other. We were now at the spot farthest from the starting line. That fact is kind of obvious once you see the Selfies that started popping up on my phone…


#teamfoxtrot who even got the Selfie Check-In sign in the shot for good measure.


#teambison who did actually get a shot with the “Welcome Gnome” but he’s way up there at the top of the shot above Timmy’s shoulder. One step forward and one step back for #teambison’s Selfie game.


#teambm however… Brandon seems to be blocking the little guy altogether in their shot but he is back there.


#teamrosegold took the Detour clue quite literally. They are really “looking hot”. I mean even their camera lens is looking hot.


And #teamtimeout. Tsk, tsk, tsk… as Kris said in an earlier Facebook post “I think #teamtimeout needs to take a timeout!’ Truer words have never been spoken.

The “Welcome Gnome” had a cluebox with him that directed teams to their next Roadlock (again, excuse the bad language)…

Gimme Shelter
Drive past the nice man who hands out the passes,
Hopefully this race isn’t kicking your asses.
Head for some “shelter” named after an Oak,
Let’s pray the next task won’t make you choke.

Ahhh yes…. next up is the food challenge. Every Amazing Race forces you to eat something weird and quite possibly disgusting. Well, our German version of weird and disgusting was shot glasses full of Pluma Mos.


Pluma Mos is a German delicacy, a cold soup which includes raisins and prunes… ummm yeah… gross. Of course that’s just my opinion. A good amount of our local German population loves it. And let me just say to all of you racers out there, this whole Roadblock was Kelli’s idea, so blame her. There, I got that off of my chest.


Earlier in the month, at Maelyn’s wedding to be exact, I had spoken to Aunt Adeline about helping us out with the cooking segments of our race. She had been in charge of the zweibach leg of the race last season and I knew she would be happy to help out again. When I told her we were wanting to do a “Pluma Mos Challenge” she informed me that I was looking at the award winning “Mos Maker” who whipped it up by the gallon for the Nebraska MCC Sale each and every year. Perfect! That’s exactly what I wanted to hear. So Adeline brought a couple of batches with her to Mahoney and Rhonda, Jenice and Jenice’s granddaughter Gabby manned the Roadblock for us.

FullSizeRender 8

FullSizeRender 9

The Roadblock involved each team downing five shot glasses full of Mos. At the bottom of each glass we had written a letter. When put in the right order the letters spelled out the word ‘SKATE’. This was the clue that directed them to head to the Activity Center and Ice Rink (SKATE… Ice Rink… get it?) As I stated earlier, some people love the Mos and others not so much. I mean check out the Brandon’s, Schlautman above, who is fairly new to the whole “Mos Concept” and Kaufman below…

FullSizeRender 6

Downing it like an old pro. I know that wasn’t his first Mos-go-round. Timmy knew the lay of the land since he had been pressured into trying it at the German Smorgasbord in the Spring. And then there’s Lane…


I feel he isn’t a fan. He downs it quickly…


And then just as quickly it appears to come right out.

The best comment though came from Stacy after the race, who stated, and I quote, “I downed it like I was drinking Mennonite Tequila.”

FullSizeRender 10

EEAEDC8E-BE43-46DD-8CAE-9D2354459E85 3

Once they all saw the clue at the bottom of the cups and collected their puzzle pieces from Rhonda, Jenice and Gabby they were off once again…



And it was just a short drive across the road to the skating rink, which, of course wasn’t exactly a skating rink at the moment. At the moment it was a huge slab of concrete with eight boxes scattered all around that looked something like this…


Actually, that was the wrong box to take a picture of. Two boxes looked like this, wrapped in Saran Wrap and rope. The other six boxes were wrapped in Saran Wrap, rope and CHAIN WHICH WAS THEN PADLOCKED! Remember those ping pong balls from the first Roadblock?

I’ll describe the Roadblock in a second… first off I apologize for the photo overload you are about to experience. This was the first Roadblock I was actually present at and able to take pictures so I just started snapping as they arrived, it was crazy town….




Tanner of #teamss was the first one to the cluebox with #teambison right on his heels and #teambm, #teamfoxtrot and #teamrosegold not far behind…






The “Lock Down” Roadblock instructed racers to use one of their bandanna’s to blindfold their partner. They then needed to shout instructions to their blindfolded partner to direct them toward their chosen box…



Once they found their box they had to pick it up and carry it back to their partner…





remove their blindfold and they then needed to use the numbers from their ping pong balls to open the padlock, and then untie the rope and get through the Saran Wrap in order to get to the next Detour inside the box.


Of course you could just rip the box open at the corner like the Hulk, ignoring the chain, padlock and ropes. That was #teamss’s solution to the situation and it worked for them. Inside they found a puzzle piece and the next Detour…

The ‘Galloping Gnome’
Look for a broken-down cart filled with flowers,
The “Galloping Gnome’s” been hiding there for hours.
Take another pic with the wee little guy,
Then text it to Kris before all the teams fly right on by.


This Detour led the racers to the John Wayne Riding Stable where there was a “broken down wooden wagon” planted full of flowers. This was yet another Selfie Check-In spot where the ‘Galloping Gnome’ was hiding. It wasn’t long before the Selfie’s started rolling in…


#teamss who was currently in the lead…


With #teambison right behind them…


And #teambm right behind #teambison.


Next up was #teamfoxtrot looking like they still have enough energy to dance a little jig…

FullSizeRender 13

And then #teamrosegold, again looking really hot and I think ‘The Galloping Gnome’ is back there somewhere…


And look… #teamtimeout found their smiles again.

So ‘The Galloping Gnome’ had a cluebox with him and inside was the next Detour which read…

‘The World’s A Stage’
You’re in the home stretch, just a few more tasks,
Next on the agenda is a game of mix and match.
‘The world’s a stage’, or so they say,
And it’s right next to a place that children play.

The racers were in the home stretch. This Detour would take them to Denman and Mary Mallory Kountze Memorial Theater where we had set up a Huebert Family ‘Memory’ game. It was ‘Memory’ on steroids. We had printed up 16 big playing cards…


With pairs of random family photos on them. Like for example, a young Jerry Huebert in his short shorts and knees socks showing off his latest 4-H creation.

Teams had five minutes to try and find three matches. If they didn’t find three matches in the time allotted they had to stop and wait in line behind the other teams before trying again. This unfortunately is one of the two Roadblocks that I didn’t get any pictures at. Steve and Kambel ran this Roadblock for us so once teams found their matches they handed them their next Detour and puzzle piece.

The Detour said…

Snakes and Nuts
We’re nearing the end of our ‘Amazing Race’,
So head for the Huebert/Goertzen home base.
Go inside where we cook, eat and bake,
And Adeline will show you how to cut up some snakes.


This really was the home stretch. Teams had to head back to the Huebert/Goertzen cabin where we had all met for the rules meeting at the start of the race. It was here that Adeline was waiting with the next Roadblock.


Along with being our professional “Mos Maker” Adeline had also whipped up a large batch of Peppernut dough for our next task. Peppernuts are another German treat (yet another one that I really don’t care for). They are tiny little crisp cookies that you eat by the handful. We actually used them for our eating Roadblock last season but this time around they would have to make them. You see Peppernuts are time consuming.


You have to grab a handful of dough and then roll it into a long snake. Once you have your snake made you cut it up into little pieces, hence the ‘cutting up some snakes’ in the Detour clue.




The Roadblock told the teams to cut up exactly 24 peppernuts, uniform in size. And if they didn’t measure up to Adeline’s standards they would have to start over.



Once Adeline had inspected their Peppernuts, and they passed her high standards, she gave them their next puzzle piece and Detour, which read…

Huebert the Gnome
It strikes fear into some, and makes others cower,
Yes that’s right, we’re sending you up the big tower.
Making his second appearance is Huebert the Gnome,
Snap a pic with him and then head on back home.
Text your final shot to Kerri before going back down,
Then race for the mat to claim the crown.


This was it. The final leg! Hopefully they had all noticed that big, giant tower standing near the very first clue box at the start of the race beacause at the very top of that tower was Huebert the Gnome. And we needed one last Selfie from everybody before they headed for the finish line, so here they are…


#teamss currently in the lead…


Now followed by #teambm…


And #teambison was right on their heels…


#teamfoxtrot was right behind them..


And #teamrosegold was right behind #teamfoxtrot…


And finishing up strong was #teamoutlaws.

We had lost #teamclueless somewhere along the way. Stacy told me after the race that after they realized Pam’s bike wasn’t working right they decided to change their objective. They knew they weren’t going to win the race this season so they set a new goal… beat Lane and Reid. Lane had apparently been doing some trash talking earlier so he was now their target. Those moms don’t mess around.

The Detour that sent them up the tower had also told them to “head back home” after snapping their pic with Huebert the Gnome. And that’s where Kris and I, along with all of our race staff and race followers were waiting… in front of the Huebert/Goertzen cabin where they had all just finished making Peppernuts.

The first ones back were #teamss…



But even though they were the first ones back, the race still wasn’t over. They had to dig out all of their puzzle pieces and put their puzzle together before they could claim the crown… and if you look between the two guys in the second photo, right by Tanner’s elbow, you will see that #teambm is back their putting their puzzle together… Uh… Oh….



That’s how close they all were. And unfortunately for #teamss…


They were missing a puzzle piece…


And #teambm… was not…



Which meant they were declared the winners!!!!!


And were presented their trophies by their little guy Coy…



So there you have it, #teambm made up of Brandon and Morgan Kaufman were the winners of Season Two of The Amazing Race Huebert Edition.

And while they caught their breath and Tanner and Brandon S. Tried to figure out where they had missed picking up a puzzle piece…


#teambison rolled in…


With #teamfoxtrot right behind them…


They both quickly assembled their puzzles, and every piece was accounted for so they took second…


And third respectively…


And thank God they all still had smiles on their faces.

#teamrosegold showed up next…


And started putting their puzzle together for fourth place and soon here came…


#teamoutlaws who did in fact meet their goal and beat…


#teamclueless who did manage to collect all of the necessary puzzle pieces…

FullSizeRender 15

And while all of the teams were comparing war stories and drinking water by the gallon #teamtimeout drove up. Scott asked who had won and I told them that Morgan and Brandon were the victors but #teamtimeout actually still had two more legs of the race to run. But seeing as how they were all alone in the 50+ age division I told them they didn’t need to finish if they didn’t want to. Being the troopers they are they headed into the cabin, which by the way now smelled like Christmas since Adeline was baking up everybody’s Peppernuts…


With an assist from Lane and his Grandpa John. #teamtimeout rolled out their Peppernuts but decided to pass on the tower climb.

However, they had skipped the paddleboats during the race (I think it was around the same time they started texting Kris and I obscene gestures) so since they still had a voucher they decided to go enjoy some paddleboating…


And while paddleboating captured a shot of our Clean-Up Crew hard at work…


And as I found out the next morning, when I opened up the back of my vehicle, the Clean-Up Crew had deposited every last one of those signs, flags, clue boxes and other such race paraphanelia inside my car, and it very quickly all ended up OUTSIDE of my car within seconds.

Of course the most important Clean-Up Crew job, and the one no one was looking forward to doing, involved recovering Huebert the Gnome from the top of that very tall tower. Luckily two crew members stepped up, and I really do mean “stepped up”, as in little Coy stepped up every single one of those tower steps until they made it to the top…


And then posed for his own Selfie with his Papa and Huebert the Gnome. And that my friends is it, another Amazing Race in the books… now what are we going to do for Season Three?

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  1. John and Adeline Says:

    Thanks so much for the entertaining after noon at the Huebert reunion. I know you went to a lot of work, but you did a great job of making it a lot of fun. Thanks again for all you do. Hope you too had fun while working on this project. Thanks again, it was a lot of fun, and Kerri, it was a lot of fun for all of us. John and Adeline

  2. Kathryn Goertzen Says:

    oh. my. goodness! SO talented you Pankratz women are. What a fun reunion tradition.

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