That’s A Wrap

August 7th, 2013

Time to wrap it up. Time to wrap it up and get out of Texas! Not that I don’t love Texas. I love hitting the road and heading down South several times a year but my gosh, we’ve been here all summer! It’s the beginning of August and “heykerrip” has been lounging about in the Texas heat for almost two months! I am determined to get us out of Texas this week. So here are some final thoughts and shots of our last night in Leander.

Final 1

The new craft room (or “Crack Room” as my sister tends to call it) was a blessing from above. That one extra room made all the difference in the world. We were able to spread out a little bit more and didn’t trip over each other quite as much. It’s amazing to think this bright, happy space used to be a garage. And the floor! I love, love, love the floor. The last time we were here in January Dad and Steve installed it (see below)

Final 2

and the Newman’s were debating leaving it natural or possibly painting a design on it. It would have looked amazing no matter what they did to it but I really, really like the dark stain. And if you’re wondering what’s painted on that teal wall just outside the craft room doorway here you go…

Final 3

pretty perfect for a front entry hall deep in the heart of Texas don’t ya think?

Final 4

Steve is the best one-handed Mexican cook in Texas. Even after putting a knife through his hand (I mean entrance and exit wound straight through the palm) the week before he was able to pull of an amazing enchilada dinner for our final night. Kelli assisted with a lot of the cutting and chopping, mainly because we all thought it best to keep the sharp, shiny objects away from Newman.

Final 5

Not only was it delicious, but he plated it up so pretty!

Final 6

Packing of toys can be done in the dark. Or at the very least, by the light of a not-so-cheap neon Taylor Swift concert souvenir. I found Saylor gathering up her toys for the month in Nebraska under the blue light, then pink, then green and so on. Not sure if she has any idea what’s actually in her bag.

Final 7

Not so across the hall. Kam was meticulously editing down her toy selection. It was while watching her pack that I found out she had just given her stash of money for the trip to Grandma for safe-keeping.

“You gave your money to Grandma?!! All that birthday money you just got?” I said, “What were you thinking?”

“Well, she’s just going to keep it for me so that I don’t lose it.” Kam replied. “That’s what she told me.”

“Ha! Likely story.” I told her. “That lady is crazy, she is going to blow all your money on the first slot machine she sees! I really think you should give it to me for safe-keeping.”

“She won’t blow it.” Kam assured me.

“That’s what you think young one, I know her better than you do. I just think it would be a lot safer with me.” I said.

“Grandma already has it, it will be fine.” she replied.

It was then that I kicked the pestering into high gear (pestering is a trait I picked up from that crazy lady with a love of penny slots) but Kam was a tough nut to crack.

As she headed down the hallway to retrieve some type of Monster High/La La Loopsy Doopsy type doll from the living room I hollered “She’s going to blow it all and how will you buy more books for you Nook?”


Well OK then, I guess that’s that.

Final 8

But I do love that she was happily packing books for the trip. A little bookworm after my own heart.

Final 9

I also love exploring the little bookworm and her sister’s rooms while visiting. It’s always fun to see what kinds of treasures they hold most dear and put out on display. They are both little packrats like their mother and enjoy collecting little things. Kam’s “teacher desk”, built by my Dad, was bursting with tiny treasures.

Final 10

Kam has also, like the rest of the world, developed a love of mustaches. I mean what’s cuter than a mustachioed plastic sheep?

Final 11

And last, but not least, my theory that my sister was a “bit of a hoarder” (that’s a quote by one of my favorites, Karl Pilkington, you have to say it with a British accent) was proven true. I had spied the above tower of empty Kleenex boxes in my sister’s closet early on and wondered about it daily since I got ready each morning in her closet area. I assumed they were being saved for some kind of craft project and my curiosity finally got the best of me and I had to ask.

The guys had already gone to bed and it was just us women in the living room watching Kris fold and pack clothes. All I said was, “What’s with the tower of Kleenex boxes in your closet?” She immediately looked at me with a half-smile and shook her head. It was a head shake that said, “Nope. I’m not answering that question.”

So I asked again and added, “Is it for some kind of craft project?” Well, now everybody was curious, so I once again kicked the pestering into high gear.

“Fine!!” she finally said, “Those are my back-up boxes.”

“What is a back-up box and why is it necessary?” I asked.

“It is necessary because the tissue companies only make cute boxes like once a year so I stockpile them.”

“So…. you hoard them.” I said.

“No I don’t HOARD them! I just want them to coordinate with my decor so when the current box starts to look ratty I switch it out with one of the back-up boxes.” she stated.

“So you sit there and take tissues out of an ugly box and then stuff them one by one into your fancy designer box?” I asked.

“Yes. I. Do.” she said.

“Well OK.” I said, “This is going on the blog.”

Final 12

She’s right about one thing, that box definitely matches her decor. I mean, “You’ve got to co-ord-inate.” that’s a movie quote from somewhere, can’t remember where. It does, however, look like it’s time to re-stuff that box.

Coming soon… “The Long Road Home”.

3 Responses to “That’s A Wrap”

  1. ang Says:

    Don’t look in my bathroom closet because I do the same thing!!!!! I seriously have removed kleenex from the ugly boxes and place them in the cute ones! And when kids bring cute boxes to school at the beginning of the year, I snatch all of the cute boxes for my classroom.

  2. kerri Says:

    Are you kidding me? So this whole Kleenex thing is a trend that I am unaware of? Oh man, I hear a big “I told you so!” coming my way from Texas.

  3. Kriso Says:

    I TOLD YOU SO! See I am not a crazy horder! Ang thank you so much for validating me on this! And just like I thought they stopped selling my box so it’s a good thing I have my back ups!

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