January 19th, 2013

Time for a trek to Texas! I never look forward to that 13 hour drive but end up doing it at least twice a year, sometimes more. My younger sister and her family live in Leander, which is basically a suburb of Austin. We either go just for a visit, to work on an ongoing remodeling project or to kidnap my nieces Saylor and Kambel and take them back to Nebraska with us. My traveling companions this time around are my parents.


Oklahoma City is our half-way point and my mothers favorite part of the trip, the van always seems to find it’s way to the Riverwind Casino on the outskirts of Oklahoma City. The majority of my family are slot machine junkies, my mom being the worst of us all. We usually stop and play for a couple of hours. It breaks up the trip, and sometimes we even win some gas money. It’s not like we are high rollers or anything, we play the penny slots. And I, along with being a font snob, am also a slot machine snob. I only play the machines with cute graphics. None of those ‘Pharaohs Treasures’ or ‘Pompeii’ old school machines for me. They have to have cute, cartoony graphics or be based on a ’50’s T.V. show, ‘Dean Martin’s Wild Party’ is my all-time favorite but Dean hasn’t been too kind to me lately, time for something new.

Kash-up packets

Spotted this ‘Build A Burger’ machine and figured any slot machine with cute ketchup packet (or kash-up packet) icons on it would have to be lucky for me, I’ve been a ketchup addict my whole life. I ended up winning $30, of course I lost $30 on the next machine. It was ime to tear mom away from her machine and hit the road. The next order of business would be lunch.

two-bake sammich

This my friends is a zweibach, to those of you non-German Mennonites I remember once hearing it described as a ‘two-story biscuit’ it is a staple of all Henderson Mennonite households. It is always our lunch on the road, zweibach and summer sausage sandwiches and maybe some string cheese. We forgot the string cheese on this trip and had to settle for Chex Mix as a side. I posted this picture to Facebook while on the road and had to ask my mother how to spell zweibach, she said ‘t-w-o-b-a-k-e-s’ I guess that is how we actually pronounce it in our house.

rush hour

We always hit rush hour at Dallas-Ft. Worth. I am very happy to not live in a place with this many freeway bridges.

Q with gifts

The girls waited up for us, I think partly because we were bringing Christmas presents. The Newmans didn’t make it home for Christmas so we had a little Christmas in January.

teacher kam

Miss Kamble started class early the next morning.

DAR test

Grandma was given a DRA (District Reading Assesment) test by Miss Kambel. I think she passed.

pirate and the mermaid

Aren’t these the cutest puppets you have ever seen? Kam wanted puppets for Christmas and this is what she got.

Qs headband

Saylor Q modeling her new headband courtesy of our good friend Brenda back in Nebraska.

dress up

And the flower girl dress makes its first appearance of the day. It will be on and off several more times throughout the day.

the girlies

Ahhh, sisterly love! Love the girlies and their sparkly eyes.

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