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June 22nd, 2014


A couple of stacks of wedding programs finished out my “Perfect Storm of Crafting” week. Well, actually it was 11 stacks with 20 programs in each stack, if you do the math that makes around 225 programs. They were for the wedding of Taylor Janzen and Chase Chrisman. I had already helped Taylor out with the wedding invitations a few months earlier and eventually received an email asking if I would be able to do the wedding programs as well.

Unlike last summer when I was up to my ears in “fan” programs, Taylor didn’t really have any particular idea of what she wanted her programs to look like. Plus, the wedding was the last weekend of May, our famously un-airconditioned church shouldn’t be a hotbox yet so no need for fans. She had used a Mason jar with flowers on her invitations and kind of wanted to stay away from that design. The invites had also had a chalkboard background and she wondered if we could do something similar. I’ve yet to figure out how to print on black paper at home and if I had simply printed the pages with black as the background color I would have eaten up ink like crazy. And ink is something I really hate to buy. One color and one black and white cartridge for my printer is now in the vicinity of $80! I get so mad every time I have to buy that tiny little box.

I finally suggested something similar to what I had done for my little cousin Malaina’s wedding (which by the way, I don’t think I have ever posted about… hmmm) a 4 inch wide by 12 inch high back piece of cardstock in either black or a craft brown with program pages tied to it with a pieces of twine. Taylor already had the twine left over from her wedding invitations. That sounded good to her.

I found a little flower design that was similar to her invitations in style and color and made a little ring out of it with their names inside for the cover. Then it was simply a matter of laying out the ceremony and wedding party information. Not as easy as one would think when you’re working with limited space and have an usher named “RORY VAN DEN BERG …. BROTHER-IN-LAW OF THE BRIDE” that one alone changed the whole font size of the program. The information ended up filling four pages which I printed on a nice ivory medium-weight paper, two pages per sheet.


I had already cut the 225 cardstock backs by hand and soon started in on the pages. After about three hours of cutting pages with my trusty x-acto I decided to hang it up for the night and steal the paper cutter from work the next day before I lost all feeling in my right hand. Ahhh, that went much faster.

Once cut I lined the pages up with the back and used my new punch tool to punch holes for the twine. I learned my lesson on Troy and Sara’s programs last year when holes didn’t line up like they were supposed to and adjustments had to be made. And let me say how nice my Martha Stewart punch tool worked. So much more peaceful, no more hammering to punch holes. I just wished I had bought two of them because for a while there I wasn’t sure it would make it through, it got quite a workout. I then paperclipped the finished programs together so that Taylor and her helpers only had to tie them together with twine.

Stacks of 20

While I was working on the programs I texted Taylor’s mom Jerri to get some information on the couple so I could make one of my Story of Us prints to give them as a wedding gift. I got some great intel from Jerri including the fact that they met on the school bus when he was in 4th grade and she was in 3rd, their first date was at my sister’s house during a party of my niece Marli’s and he proposed in the middle of a ring of cows who just stood and stared at the happy couple while waiting to be fed. If that’s not a down-home country proposal I don’t know what is.

Chrisman print

I of course didn’t frame or wrap the print until the day of the wedding and then realized I didn’t have a card. I scurried downtown to our local grocery store only to find half the town must be invited to this particular wedding because there were no wedding cards left. And then it hit me… why wouldn’t I just make them a card? So I went back home, took the happy little couple off of the print, added a heart and made it a personalized wedding card.

Wedding card

Congrats to the happy couple!

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