Swirly Words – Christmas

January 20th, 2014

Be Merry:Merry & Bright

The invitation had been hanging on my fridge for at least a month. It was for a surprise birthday party for my friend Tara. It was a, let’s say, significant birthday. Yeah, we’ll just leave it at that. The day before the party I was over at my parents house and saw that they had a gift card of some kind all ready to go as a gift for Tara, (they had that same invite hanging on their fridge) and that’s when it hit me. “Crap, I can’t go to this party empty-handed.” Although, honestly, it’s happened before in the past.

I told my mom what a big loser I was because I had no gift. “Well, make her something.” She said. And thus the “Swirly Word” canvas came to be.

I had bought a couple of packages of 11×14 and 8×10 canvas’ earlier that month in hopes of making some Christmas gifts but I hadn’t figured out what kind. So the afternoon of the party, (have I mentioned that I’m a procrastinator?) I decided to paint a canvas a cheery, Christmas-y red and then paint some swirly holiday words on it.

Be Merry

Tara ended up with “Be Merry”.

Merry & Bright

And like I said earlier, I showed up at a few other birthday parties empty handed so I decided it was time to make up for that. Since the “Be Merry” canvas didn’t take very long to make I quickly did two more that said “Merry & Bright” for my friends Ang and Tami, who coincidentally would be at the party that night as well. I tied some Christmas-y ribbon around each of them and there you go, an afternoon well spent.

Painted Canvas

They were all a big hit with the girls, so much so that a few days later I received an email from Christine, who was also at Tara’s party, asking if I could help her out with some Christmas gifts.

Love Joy Hope and Peace

She ended up ordering eight 11×14 canvas’ in four different colors with the words “Love”, “Joy”, “Peace” and “Hope” on them.

Rainbow Stack

Of course the greatest of these is “Love”.

2 Responses to “Swirly Words – Christmas”

  1. Carla Weldy Says:

    love your gift idea! much better than something from the store!

  2. ang Says:

    LOVE the rainbow swirly words!!!

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