Story of Us: Roepke

June 16th, 2014

Roepke print

Next up during my week, now known in the history books as the, “Perfect Storm of Crafting”, was a wedding gift. My sister Kelli and brother-in-law Marc were invited to a wedding in Kansas. The groom was a friend of their daughter Morgan and Kelli had offered to take care of the wedding gift. She asked me to make one of my “Story of Us” prints. This particular print has become the go-to gift for any wedding I’m invited to so if you’re interested in attaining one you can either contact me and place an order or… invite me to your wedding.

Kelli asked Morgan to text Alex, the groom, with a few questions. My standard questions are: When did you first see each other? When and where was your first date? How long have you dated? How did he propose? And of course, when’s the wedding? It’s always interesting reading the responses. Especially when they elaborate and add in some interesting tidbits. Two of the best replies I have gotten were from grooms, totally detailed and humorous, Alex’s was one of them. I’ve never met him, but you’ve gotta like a guy who realizes he’s in love with the best friend he’s known since Kindergarten (cue the comparison to Keith and Watts in “Some Kind of Wonderful”) and then paints “Will you marry me?” on a sheet and takes her skydiving. One of my top five proposals so far.

After sifting through his answer for the most pertinent information I set up the print to measure 11×14 so I was able to print it at home on some of my super-jumbo size photo paper. No waiting for the printer to get it done. I then put it in a 16×20 black frame with a white mat. Nice and crisp looking.

Morgan told me a few weeks later that Alex’s mom had texted her to say the print was a hit. It was their favorite gift of all… awww, I bet they say that to all their guests.

Wedding gift… check. The wedding shower gift is up next.

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