August 21st, 2016


Like Michael Phelps returning to the sport he dominates as well as another Olympics filled with nothing but gold, I too have decided to return from my self-imposed blogging hiatus.

And it’s only appropriate that, after watching hour upon hour of Olympic swimming coverage, I would return with a post about a pool party. A Sweet Sixteen pool party that is. Although, technically, it was a boy/girl pool party… do boys celebrate “sweet” sixteen? Hmmmm…. that is a question. But of course I digress.

So my “birthday twin” Kate turns the big 1-6 today. How is that possible? It seems like just yesterday her mom practically threw her into my arms (knowing my fear of tiny babies) and said “You will be holding my kid.” I mean, I swear I just got done designing her birth announcements and now she’s driving a car! It’s craziness it tell you.

Actually the real “craziness” was sitting there observing her birthday party. Kate and her friend Payton, who’s brithdays are only a few weeks apart, once again had a pool party in celebration of all things 16. Ang had asked me the week earlier if I could whip up some cupcake toppers for the occasion. “Well of course I can. It’s the least I could do.” I replied. That is if I still remember how to make them I thought to myself. I haven’t done toppers in quite some time.

Since it was a boy/girl party Ang suggested bright, multi-color toppers, some with their names and whatever else birthday-related I could come up with. For me that translated to RAINBOW. I’m always up for making anything rainbow related.


Multiple hot-glue gun burns later (remember I was out of practice) I delivered the toppers to Ang at the pool just hours before the festivities began. When I returned later Ang had of course outdone herself making a boring swimming pool lobby into party central.





Those are glow necklaces in the little white cup. Popular item at this particular party. I think it also helped that Ang’s oldest Clay was a 2016 graduate a few months earlier… A little party product recycling was done for this “Sweet 16” (hand-me-downs, Kate is a middle child after all. MIDDDLE CHILDREN UNITE! Sorry I can’t help myself from offering up our rally cry.)

Speaking of Clay, Ang told me later that after she had set everything up she said “Oh, I need to take pictures. Kerri P. will want pictures.” to which Clay replied, “Well you better take them crooked then.” Ahhh… he knows me well.

The party was already in full swing when I arrived and after eating a plateful of goodies we adults just sat back and observed…


Kate and her girls, she’s second from the right in the front row…


and of course the requisite photo of the pesky, younger brothers.

There’s nothing better than sitting around watching high school kids be high school kids! And these were all good kids. Good kids having a blast and acting their age. The memories it brought back. It seemed like just yesterday I celebrated my own “Sweet 16”. Kate, never forget the fun you had at sixteen. Happy birthday, you’re my very favorite birthday twin!

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  1. Kathryn Goertzen Says:

    Welcome back!! LOVE reading your posts! (And, FYI: if you had just resolved at the beginning of 2106 to blog monthly instead of weekly – you’d only be one post short!! Perhaps that weekly thing was a typo . . . )

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