Shoppin’ ‘The Mart’

April 20th, 2013

Down the aisle

On the last day of my sister’s visit home to good ol’ Nebraska the family decided to load up and head to Nebraska Furniture Mart in Omaha. The Newmans were on a quest for some new living room furniture, and all agreed this purchase was long overdue.

The same white couch has traveled with the Newmans from Texas, and then to Nebraska, then to Tennessee, then back to Texas and finally to yet another home in Texas. First of all, the fact that it is still a ‘white’ couch instead of say a ‘gray’ one is a testament to my sisters neat-freak disorder. All agreed they were insane to purchase a white couch with little kids in the house but of course it looked so cool, plus it had big, awesome, primary colored throw pillows (the pillows always suck you in, don’t they). We were all worried for nothing and obviously underestimated my sister’s cleaning abilities. It still looks pretty good after 15 years of wear and tear, but the comfort factor is a whole ‘nother issue.

When we travel to Texas to visit, it’s usually at least three to four additional adults crammed into the Newman’s not tiny, but definitely not big house. During these visits a lot of sitting around goes down in the living room and we all know that if we choose to sit on the couch we had better plan on staying there a while as it takes a Herculean effort to get back up. And as the one person who usually ends up sleeping on said couch I was all for this new purchase.

Our first stop of the day was in York where we needed to deal with some cell phone issues, so as I’m sure you can all imagine, that ate up a good two hours of our day.


Next we stopped off in Lincoln and met up with our second carload of family members. Great debate was had on trying to smoosh everyone in one vehicle until Dad put his foot down and said “Nope, not happening.” We had lunch at Culver’s where the girlies got in some screen time while waiting for their food. They both got Nooks for Christmas and they are never far from reach. Then it was on to Omaha. I was surprised that the folks’ trusty van didn’t go into auto-pilot mode and beeline for the river and those particular boats that float on it. It rarely makes a trip to Omaha where it doesn’t end up in one of those parking lots.

Basket of wheels

So we got to “The Mart’ and started out on our first initial sweep of the store. I of course got sidetracked by all of the accessories. They do have some cool accessories. The Newmans were very surprised at all the store had to offer when it came to accessories. We were only half way into the main ‘Living Room’ area when I spotted it. It was shining all bright and turquoise-y at the end of the main aisle. “There you go. That’s my choice, that little Mad Men number over there.” I said to my sister. She beelined toward it. So, so, cool. But so, so, big. Way too big for their living room.

Mad Men

But hold up, it came in five separate pieces. You could buy them all or just a few. Plus it had orange throw pillows, I knew the orange, my sister’s favorite color, was beckoning her. This was a top contender. We continued our sweep. And she spied this…


which I took a picture of in hopes of Steve someday trying to recreate it.

I then caught a glimpse of orange down another aisle and knew we would be inspecting that as well. It was a big oversized chair in bright orange. And what a coincidence, it was the same style as the Mad Men sectional. Hmmm.

Cheeto Chair

We made our way through the rest of the living room sets but I knew it was already a done deal. The girlies of course discovered the massage chairs and then the escalators. After convincing them to get off of the escalators we spied these…


and they called for a photo op. After one of the very kind Furniture Mart employees told the girls they could pick them up they posed for the ‘cross-eyed version’.

Crosseyed glasses

I herded the girls back to the Mad Men area and spied this bit of awesomeness along the way…

Light bulbs

A test drive of the turquoise sectional was underway along with some deep discussion. Some of the older generation couldn’t believe they would buy a turquoise couch. They would get tired of it. I pointed out that their whole house was all different kinds of crazy colors, this would fit right in. I mean these are the people that have a full-size turquoise gypsy wagon sitting in their back yard because they just needed one for their circus themed Halloween party.

Newman test drive

In the end they decided to buy the whole sectional and just use a portion of it in the living room and spread the other pieces out throughout the house. And as predicted, there was no way Kris wasn’t getting that orange chair as well. To which Kam exclaimed, “Yay!! Now we have a place to wipe our Cheeto fingers!!”

Martha and Kam

All that was left for most of us to do was wait… and then wait some more while the pricing, finagaling, purchasing and delivery discussions were taken care of. We obviously waited for quite a while as you can see by this picture…

Sleeping Martha

She looks all tuckered out from shopping doesn’t she? Don’t let looks fool you. As you can see by her outfit, this is a girl that never gets tired of shopping. I’m pretty sure it had more to do with the fact that she’s a senior in college heading into the final stretch of getting her four year degree. Plus, let’s face it, Martha can fall asleep anywhere. Speaking of sleeping, I am looking forward to sleeping on a much more comfortable couch during my next visit to Texas.

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  1. ang Says:

    The couch and chair? AWESOME!! Saylor looks so much like Kris in these pics and Marli’s outfit is absolutely adorable. Pick me up next time and I’ll go along.

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