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Set Free

March 12th, 2013

Set Free banner

Pastor Andrea (one of my partners in crime in the youth room re-design, that sounds kinda bad referring to a pastor as a partner in crime, but oh well) recently asked me to be a part of the Lent committee at my church. One of the main jobs they had in store for me was creating a banner that would hang above the choir loft in our sanctuary with our Lenten theme on it.

Set Free Close Up

The theme this year is “Set Free” and she wanted birds taking flight, or being “set free” on it as well. We are lucky to have company in town that could produce a vinyl banner for us at a really reasonable price. Andrea and I had worked with Matt Buller on our “Scripture Wall” in the youth room so we knew he would do a great job with the banner. And what a banner it is, this thing is 40 feet long people, 40 feet! That was the one thing that scared me about the project, the sheer size of it. At first I thought it had to be built to scale in order for Matt to print it and my InDesign program couldn’t handle that. After talking with him further I realized I could build it at 50% of it’s final size and then it was no problem. I think it turned out great and definitely adds something to the front of the sanctuary. I also made a much, much smaller version of the banner that is being printed in our Sunday bulletin every week during Lent.

Paper Cranes

The other thing I was asked to do, along with four other committee members, was to each make a dozen paper cranes to hang in the sanctuary. We didn’t want the cranes to be swallowed up by the size of our sanctuary so we had to make large cranes. That was the most difficult thing, folding a crane from a large piece of paper and then once it was done realizing, huh, not so big anymore. I went and found a tutorial online to figure out how to make the crane and had to play the thing EVERY TIME for the first six cranes. I was very annoyed with my tutorial guide by crane No. 7 and decided to do it on my own. What can I say, I’m a slow learner.

I also learned, according to Japanese legend, that I am now only 988 cranes away from having a wish granted. I need to get to folding because I could really use a wish.

2 Responses to “Set Free”

  1. ang Says:

    I’m sure Tuck would come over to help you make those 988 cranes!!! Love the banner!!!

  2. Kathryn Says:

    love it all! Just curious whether the perfect match of color from the pew bench into the mural if by luck or by design. It is so cool that the image literally flows right out of the pews.
    ** Feel free to lie for your own benefit – Since you’ve already called a pastor a criminal, what do you have to lose? 😉

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