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Scripture Prints

January 25th, 2013


A few weeks before Christmas I was contacted by a native of my hometown who now lives in Indiana. She had been home to visit family over the Thanksgiving holiday and had been checking out the recently renovated youth room that I worked on and really liked one of the posters I had designed. She was trying to come up with a unique Christmas gift idea for her kids and my poster had given her an idea. She wanted to know if I could make a poster like the one in the youth room but with her kids favorite Bible verses. Absolutely, great idea. We made arrangements for her to email me the Bible verses so I could get started. She later contacted me asking if there was any way I could put a photo in the background of the poster behind the Bible verse. Her daughter had taken a really beautiful photo of a sunset on a beach while doing mission work overseas. Absolutely we can do that, again, great idea.

The print above was for Malaina.


This one is Landon’s.


And this is Marissa’s. We ended up scaling down from a 24×36 poster to an 11×14 print which I emailed to her and then she had them all printed and framed on her end.

The original poster that gave her the idea.

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