Sara & Troy: Boards & Banner

September 8th, 2013

As promised in my last post, we’re moving on to the boards & banner portion of Sara & Troy’s wedding paraphernalia. Sara’s soon-to-be mother-in-law Joni had asked me in our very first wedding email if I could make some chalkboards for the wedding reception. I said “Sure.”, never having really done any chalkboards before. Lucky for all involved, I picked up a few chalkboard jobs before the big day so I was able to get in a bit of practice.

Sweet Treats

They planned on having both a “Cupcake Bar” and a “Candy Bar” at the wedding reception so Joni asked if I could make chalkboards that would be able to sit on each table. I found some fancy frames at Hobby Lobby, painted them white and once again had my Design Assistant cut me some masonite pieces to fit in the frames and then painted them with chalkboard paint.

Cupcake Bar

Those were easy enough, onto a bigger board. Joni brought me several old windows that she had happened upon. They were perfect with their white, chippy paint, they were however made up of several panes of glass so I had my Design Assistant take out the glass along with all of the t-cross thingy’s, you know, the wood between each pane of glass, (not sure what the technical term for that is). We then filled the window frame with a chalkboard and one of them became the “Menu Board”.

Menu Board

That one went pretty smoothly. Now… da dun da… THE BIG BOARD! When Joni dropped off the first batch of windows she said she would have to bring the big window the next day because she needed a bigger vehicle. “Whoa.. a bigger vehicle?” I thought, “Oh boy, what have I gotten myself into?” We made plans for her to drop it off in a few days. The day of the drop off I got an S.O.S. text from Joni saying her son Toby had been loading it into the “bigger vehicle” and the glass had broken and her driveway was now covered in shards of glass. “Oh boy,” I thought to myself, “I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.”

Big Board Start

Well, it kinda was. I struggled with this one. First of all, the sheer size of it was intimidating. This one was divided into two panes and we left it that way. We made chalkboards to fill both panes and on the top one I centered a 24×36 blown up poster of one of Sara & Troy’s engagement photos. I think Joni had it made through Shutterfly. The bottom pane was a chalk drawing of Sara & Troy’s names with their wedding date. I’ve said before that I kind of just get lost in my chalkboards and when I look up it’s been a couple hours. This one just wasn’t flowing and ended up taking many, many hours. This is my first finished version…

Big Board

but then I felt it had some blank spots that needed filling in, so fill them in I did and this was the final version…

Big Board Final

and now I kind of think I filled in a few too many blank spots, but oh well, they were happy with it and I was so relieved that it made it out of my house in once piece. When Randy and Joni came to pick it up they were in a full size truck and Randy laid it down on it’s face and it just barely fit in the pickup bed that’s how big it was.

Before I attacked all of those chalkboards, I had to make a “Here Comes The Bride” banner. Sara & Troy had a bunch of nieces and nephews between them that would all be walking down the aisle as part of the wedding party. Two of them would be Sara’s twin nephews and she wanted them to carry a banner that said “Here Comes The Bride”. Sara had asked if I could make it, of course I said “Sure.” (Psssst… I’ve never made anything like it before plus I feared it would involve some sewing… YIKES!) Thus I kept putting it off, and putting it off.

Banner Close Up 2

Finally I couldn’t wait any longer and had to start rounding up the materials to create it. I bought some cream-ish colored canvas material at Hobby Lobby along with the biggest dowel I could find and some round wooden balls to put on the ends of the dowel. The dowel didn’t seem long enough so I hit both Home Depot and Lowe’s looking for a bigger one with no such luck. I showed the dowel to my Design Assistant and he simply said, “What about getting a broom handle and cutting the broom end off.” Hmmmm…. that might just work. He’s just so smart, my Design Assistant. As luck would have it, my local hardware store sold replacement broom handles with no brooms, I guess for when you hit someone over the head with your broom and it breaks. We attached the wooden balls to the ends and I spray painted the whole thing silver.

Banner Close Up

The sewing portion of this project fell on my sister Kris’ shoulders. I made a template of the banner out of paper and then handed it over to her. She brushed the dust off of my sewing machine and started sewing, huh…. so it does actually work, that’s good to know. While she was sewing I drew the words out on tracing paper and later used carbon paper to transfer it onto the canvas. I then just had to paint it and add some sparkly silver accents and voila… it was done.

Banner Close Up 3

So here is everything waiting to be picked up…

Wedding Paraphanelia

minus the Big Board and the basket full of programs. Speaking of the basket full of programs…

Program Basket 2

this is all 350 programs crammed into one basket. And as if you hadn’t seen enough program photos, I realized I never posted a picture of the final product, here is the front…

Program front

and here is the back…

Program back

oh, and I made them a “Story of Us” poster as a wedding gift…

Huebert Poster

And finally, some shots of my products in action at the reception…

Big Board

the big board…

Cupcake Bar

the “Cupcake Bar”…

Sweet Treats

the “Candy Bar”…

Huebert Poster

the “Story of Us” print…

Wedding Cake

and finally their wedding cake, which I had nothing to do with but thought it was really cool.

Thanks Sara & Troy for involving me in your happiest of days and Happy Almost-Two-Months Anniversary.

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