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March 30th, 2014


So I just realized that I never told you guys what we did with our one day off during our latest trip to Texas. You know, the day we tacked on to our original plan of a five day stay in the Lone Star State. Once we realized we would be working our fingers to the bone in preparation for the big Halloween shin-dig we decided an extra day to wind down (and actually leave the Newman house) was in order.

As we all sat around rubbing our wrists after Kris removed our Halloween shackles we decided to take a little road trip to “Revival”. “Revival” is a funky little store that Kris and Steve had discovered in a somewhat unusual way. One day last summer, while their girlies were living the high life back in Nebraska with us, they decided to head outside of Austin in search of junk and antiques. On their drive they passed a house that had two of these little numbers in the front yard…

plastic chairs

Kris freaked out. The above photo of those crazy, colorful chairs is one of the first things each of us pinned when we entered the world of Pinterest. Kris had actually done some online research looking for a place to buy them and there they sat under the hot Texas sun. So they made a u-turn and Steve marched right up to the front door and rang the bell in hopes of asking the homeowners where they had discovered those treasures sitting in their front yard. Ding Dong. Ding dong. Ding dong. No answer. Not being one to give up he decided to stroll around to the the back yard and investigate (they really wanted those chairs). The backyard was surrounded by a fence so “Peeping Steve” poked his head over the top and there were the homeowners hanging out by the pool, as should be expected, it was after all Texas in June. I can only imagine what they must have thought about this strange man sticking his head above their fence and saying “Hey ya’ll. The wife and I were just passing by and saw those totally cool chairs in your front yard and were wondering where you got them?” Luckily they didn’t chase him off with a shotgun for trespassing and instead told them about the cool little store just down the road that they bought them at. So off they went.

When they walked into “Revivial” it was like coming home. It was full of all the things they both loved. And it was full of the same kind of stuff that Steve himself builds. Since he’s always on the lookout for places to sell his wares he eventually got in touch with the owners about bringing in some of his pieces on a consignment basis. A couple of rustic, old wood signs he had hand-painted were in that first load items he brought out to “Revival” and by the time he got back home the shop owner had called and left him a list of signs he would like made to use in the store and thus the beginning of a creative relationship.

1 Kam & pumpkins

So we all loaded up in MZ BNZ and headed for Bees Cave. Yep, you read that right, Bees Cave is the name of the town “Revival” is located in, just off of Lake Travis actually. Of course the first thing we saw was a pile of pumpkins, remember it was the week of Halloween. The shop didn’t look like a whole lot from the outside. The building wasn’t very big, but looks can be deceiving. The front shop was full of some cool and unusual items but it’s what you saw when you walked out the back door that made it amazing, like this…

2 Tent

Huge tents with walls of giant, old doors filled with some gorgeous outdoor furniture…

3 Lantern

and these…

5 Three lanterns

Oh my gosh, if I had a place to hang those lanterns… or the money to actually buy one of those lanterns… speaking of space to hang stuff, I would have made room for something like this…

6 Country Store sign

so in love with that sign, the rust, the chippy paint, what’s not to love? Once you make your way through the tents full of doors you see this…

7 Amazing Oak

an amazing old oak tree chock full of treasures hanging from all of it’s limbs…

8 Amazing Oak 2

including a portion of an old carnival ride (that bright yellow thing in the photo), a swing, a kayak and even a bicycle built for two…

9 Amazing Oak 3

The whole property was surrounded by a fence of even more old doors…

10 Fence of Doors

and was scattered with some architectural finds…

11 Blue Mantel

and a few chandelier’s here and there.

22 Chandelier

And of course strolling around the property, like he owned the place (which I kind of think he does) was Hamlet the potbellied pig.

12 Hamlet and pumpkin

we appeared to be interrupting his afternoon snack of fresh pumpkin.

13 Hamlet and Kam

Hamlet had the run of the place, including his very own little camper to hang out in with his harem of chickens.

29 Hamlets house

14 Chicken

There were some crazy looking chickens wandering around the “Revival” grounds and they were obviously used to random customers chasing them around…

17 Chasing chickens

and picking them up, as Saylor is displaying below…

18 Q and her chicken

In a shocking move, Kambel (a.k.a. “Scaredy-Kam”) got in on the chicken experience…

19 Kam and chicken

the owners daughter was on hand and taught them all the ins and outs of chicken wrangling.

20 Girls and chicken

The property included a bunch of old school playground equipment including several metal animals on giant springs that you could ride on, and of which we used to have in our old swimming pool playground back home and a jungle gym.

16 Saylor on jungle gym

Which kept the girlies busy when they weren’t chasing chickens.

21 Clown

So one of the first signs Steve made for “Revival” was this “Woodshed” sign…

23 Woodshed sign

which is hanging above their, da-da-di-da, woodshed. Which is full of reclaimed and salvaged wood that customers can purchase for their own do-it-yourself projects.

24 Succulents

Another section of the yard held a “Succulents Bar” which was filled full of crazy containers overflowing with succulents of every size, shape and color. Like the stuff in this toolbox…

25 Succulent toolbox

and of course there were more pumpkins …

27 Succulent pumpkins

and even more pumpkins …

31 Pumpkins in iron thing

and this awesome bowl of rocks …

28 Succulent stones

I’m sure they aren’t technically rocks but since I’m not sure what they are called we’re going with rocks. And above it all was another one of Steve’s signs.

26 Succulent sign

The last thing we did was stop off at their shaved ice stand for a cool, sweet treat.

32 Shaved Ice

Yep, Steve made that shaved ice sign as well. I wouldn’t mind one of those of my own.

33 Shaved ice 2

That was some good shaved ice. I mean, I know it’s just ice and syrup but they had a real deal ice shaving machine and some delicious flavors.

34 Shaved Ice 3

Of course the most fascinating thing for me was the color changing spoon. Crazy.

After our “Revival” adventure we headed back towards Austin and stopped to eat supper at “The Oasis”.

35 The Oasis 1

39 The Oasis 5

I know, I know, “Midnight at the oasis…” was sung numerous times as we pulled into the parking lot. “The Oasis” is this huge restaurant built on the banks of Lake Travis. It was a beautiful day out so we were able to eat outside on one of it’s many levels of decks.

36 The Oasis 2

37 The Oasis 3

The hills all around the lake are full of some of the largest, most elaborate homes you’ve ever seen, you know, the kind that Maurico must sell on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”.

38 The Oasis 4

What’s sad is the level of the lake. After living through years of continuous drought in Texas the water level in the lake is so low it’s crazy.

40 The Oasis 6

But it still made for a beautiful photo as the sun went down over those still waters. And as the sun went out so did the battery on my iPhone. No more pictures that day. I kinda think I got enough though, right?


2 Responses to “Revival”

  1. Newman Says:

    Yeah – that was a cool day Kerri P.
    You should see the new stuff I’ve taken out to Revival, I’m sure Kris will send you some pics.
    Enjoy your post – keep ’em coming!

  2. Ang Says:

    Ok, tell me again why Keri and I have not invited ourselves along??? Awesome!!
    I can’t believe you got so close to that PIG!!

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