Radio Silence

May 25th, 2013

If there is anyone out there still checking my blog to see what’s new, I am so sorry. This blog stuff is work. I have officially fallen behind. The past couple of weeks have been filled with projects and then there’s that pesky full-time job that takes up way too much of my time. On top of that, my house is a disaster since we raided it once again to decorate for an event and everything is still just sitting in the same piles that they were returned in. If I’m being honest, some of those piles were returned after Prom and that was officially a month ago. Just check out my poor living room chair, it’s officially become a junk holder.

What a mess

To top everything off I just opened my washer and found a smelly load of laundry that was put in there a week ago.

Oh woe is me. Enough of the whining, everyone else out there is just as busy if not busier than I am. I mean I don’t even have kids so what right do I have to complain. As Lily on “Modern Family” would say, “Someone needs to call a ‘Whaaa-mbulance’!”

So I now have three solid days off of work (Yay for Memorial Day weekend!!) to get some catching up done. And instead of trying to fool all of you and back-date my posts so that it looks like I’m one of those totally organized bloggers who gets up at 5 a.m. every morning and posts her inspiring thoughts and amazing photos, I’m coming clean and admitting “I am not that person”. You’re getting it all in one shot, or for as long as I can stay awake.

2 Responses to “Radio Silence”

  1. Kriso Says:

    A whaaaa-mbulance! Love it and love that you are not a blogger that trickles us into thinking that they are a Mratha Stewart, Bob Vila and Bob Ross hybrid!

  2. ang Says:

    You even make junk piled on a chair look good.

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