Patriotic Printable

June 24th, 2013

So I’ve been MIA for the last week, just didn’t have any creative juices flowing I guess. But I was feeling patriotic last night and put this little ditty together for your decorating enjoyment. I’m kinda proud that I’m getting this posted before the 3rd of July because I am Miss Last Minute you know. Oh, and I do know how to spell the word “through” but when I Googled “The Star Spangled Banner” that’s how it was spelled “thru”. And here I thought that spelling was just invented around the same time as texting. And once again, I pledge to get this blog up to date… speaking of pledging, I should have done “The Pledge of Allegiance” maybe I’ll work on that tonight. Stay tuned…

Click the image or link below to download the PDF:
Download the PDFOhSay.pdf (629k)


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