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Party Prep

July 28th, 2013

20 Texas

Welcome back to my Texas adventure. Friday was the girlies official last day of school, which consisted of a morning long party and dismissal at noon. Q’s final Elementary School party was a Luau and required a festive outfit. For my sister it was her final, last minute scramble of the school year. You all know the feeling, it strikes just as you’re trying to force your child to go to bed and they suddenly say, “Remember Mom, I’m supposed to dress up like Hellen Keller tomorrow.” This wasn’t quite that bad. Luckily Q’s Dad likes his Hawaiian shirts. Of course she wanted to wear a certain one that didn’t really look very “Hawaiian”. But Mom won that fight after each of us reassured Q that her Mom’s choice was the best and she would be the cutest little Hawaiian girl at Winkley.

While the girls were “partying-down” the rest of us were concentrating on our party prep. Kam’s birthday had been earlier in the week and Kris planned on having her birthday party on Saturday while we were all there to help. When you offer to help my sister out with one of her parties it’s not like you are going to just help hand out plates of cake. She puts you to work. Parties are her thing. She throws the coolest parties and loves doing it. She truly needs to be a professional party planner.

So while we were making a list of supplies we needed from Hobby Lobby, Steve was calling around in search of free used tires and planning a trip to pick up some lumber. Yeah… that’s how serious they take their parties. They were both deep into the party zone when I looked at the clock and said, “Hey, aren’t you supposed to pick the girls up in like five minutes?” “Oh, crap!” and Steve was out the door.

We headed out for Hobby Lobby after lunch, and hit a few other stores along the way. We were already at the point of no return when it came to fitting everything in the van for the ride home, so what’s a few more purchases? By the time we got home Dad and Steve had built two of the obstacles for the Wipeout Zone. Oh, did I forget to mention that this was going to be a Wipeout party? The Newman’s intended on turning their backyard into a Wipeout Zone. So two obstacles were already up in the backyard and Marli, Shelby, (Kris and Steve’s oldest daughter) and the girlies had already given them a coat of red paint. Things were moving along.

22 Texas

My main job was making signs to put up at each obstacle. The night before Kris and I had come up with some “Wipeout Worthy” names for each obstacle. I had actually Googled Wipeout and found they had complete lists of every obstacle for each season so that was helpful when coming up with our names. I then designed each sign on the computer and we used the Newman’s projector to enlarge and trace the designs onto the foam board we had bought at Hobby Lobby.

24 Texas

We then broke out the Tempra Paint and got busy. The plan was to paint the letters and background and then outline everything with a nice, new black Sharpie. As always seems to be the case when I try to use Sharpies, it ran out of ink before I was halfway through the first sign. So that meant outlining everything with black paint which also meant my steady hand would be doing all of the outlining.

23 Texas

Marli was dragged into the sign painting as well, remember, she did just just graduate with an art degree. And Kelli… well… she kept us company. Oh, and she did provide some fine entertainment when one of the “Sound of Music” songs started playing on the iPad. I even got a photo of it but I know she will kill me if I post it.

25 Texas

Our one “technically trained” artist was soon taken from us when Shelby showed up to take her out for a night on the town. When we tried to convince her to stay with us and continue helping we were informed that she was “a college graduate and could do whatever she wanted.” Well ok. Kris and I soldiered on into the wee hours of the morning until our eyes were getting blurry. We finally called it a night and planned on finishing the next morning. I then settled into my recliner (the new couch wasn’t as comfy as I thought it would be) and got a few hours of shut eye.

Up next… The Wipeout Zone.

2 Responses to “Party Prep”

  1. ang Says:

    Ok, my kids are lucky to even get a birthday party, so I think this is AMAZING!!!

  2. Kathryn Says:

    yay for Monday mornings when Kerri P has updated her blog!
    Tuesday morning . . . Kelli and her Sound of Music performance?! Maybe she doesn’t read your blog and will never find out?!
    I wouldn’t tell . . .

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