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January 21st, 2014

Bud & Tarri 3

Me again, can you even believe it? I’m trying to get caught up on posting some of my projects from over the holidays. I mean, I’m still taking down Christmas decorations so I guess it makes sense that I’m still posting Christmas projects.

My good friend Melanie had decided months ago that I was going to take care of her Christmas shopping for her. The girl works her fool head off and never has time to shop so I was happy to oblige. After all, she’s been forced to look at every single poster I’ve made over the past year so I owed her. I generally leave work for a bit to pop over to the printer and pick up my latest order and then traipse back into the office and unroll it for inspection. I’m always nervous about leaving the final product in my car, too hot, too cold, weird people hanging out in our parking lot digging through the can of cigarette butts looking for a smoke, who knows what might happen.

So after having to look at poster after poster she decided she was going to take care of all of her husbands family in one fell swoop and put in orders for three family posters.

Andy & Nicole

One for Andy and Nikki…

Heith & Jodi 1

one for Heith and Jodi…

Heith & Jodi 2

who have twin girls so I got to draw a little set of twins on their poster (the littlest things make me happy)…

Bud and Tarri

and finally her in-laws Bud & Tarri. Their poster included everybody, sons and wives and grandkids. Mel came up with the “A Legacy of Life and Love” line (have I mentioned she’s a writer?) and I think I’m going to call this version of my family posters “The Legacy Print” from now on.

We decided to stick with the black, white and gray color scheme for all of them since that particular color combination would go with anything.

The week before Christmas I took a day off of work in order to make some headway on some of my projects. I had been emailing Mel proofs of all of her posters for approval and the boss man happened to walk by and ask where I was. “She took the day off to make all of my Christmas presents.” she told him. “Really?” he said, “I’m in need of a present what does she make?” She sent him off to his office with my website address and soon I had a text from him asking if I could make him a poster to give to his lovely wife Josie. Like I would tell him no. He sent me his pertinent info and within the hour I had a proof to him. See how much faster I work when I don’t actually have to go to work? Sighhh…


Greg didn’t really want a big poster size print so we went with the 11×14 size.

And since I really like my boss a lot, I even framed it for him, wrapped it in some pretty paper and tied it up with a bow. I don’t know, is that called sucking up? Maybe just a little bit.

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