Order Up for Paisley Rae

April 27th, 2013


Order up for Miss Dani Chrisman. After the “Greatest Baby Shower On Earth” Dani asked if I could make a birth print like Sawyer’s for some of her friends. I gave her the option of just the print alone or I could find her a frame that I would paint to match the print. She chose the latter option, I mean why wouldn’t you, framing stuff is always the biggest pain and for me it’s always done at the last minute.

I admit now that I was a bit cocky when I made this offer because I had recently gone on a frame hunt at Railroad Town Antiques in GI and stockpiled a few frames that I was planning on turning into chalkboards. So I knew I should be able to turn the project around in a short time because I actually had frames on hand.

Once I went through the frames I had bought there was really only one that would work size wise. So I was down to the one option, but it was a good option it had some funky scroll work on it and it even had glass in it since it was actually a framed painting. I felt kind of bad when I bought it because the Railroad Town lady said she loved the painting and thought it might be valuable. I didn’t want to tell her I was only buying it for the frame and would soon be dismantling the thing. And honestly, the painting looked like something my Granny once had hanging in her house and even I being a junker and lover of all things old had no use for it.

So I started taking it apart and as soon as I tore the brown paper off the back of the picture it just stunk to high heaven. I mean it reeked. The tape holding the print to the frame was all yellow and I began to wonder if it had been sitting in water at some point. Once I got it apart the frame was a bit wobbly and needed to be tightened up before I painted it. It sounded like a job for my design assistant. I made the print to match the size of the frame and was feeling pretty good about myself. I was actually ahead of schedule.

The next morning I dropped it off with my design assistant so he could work his magic on it and headed to work. A couple of hours later I get the call, “Yeah, Kerri. Do you have another frame you can use? The BLEEP!! thing just disintegrated in my hands.” Oh crap, so much for being ahead of schedule and dang it I actually paid like $12 for that frame!!! So I was off on another frame hunt over my lunch hour, in York no less, where the options are limited. To my surprise I actually scored on my first stop, Goodwill, $4 bucks no less. Crisis averted.

So here is the finished product, after I redid the print because the frame was smaller and convinced my design assistant to cut me some plexiglass for the front.

Paisley 2

Lesson learned, always thoroughly inspect old frames before buying, and try not to spend more than $4. Oh, and if anyone out there knows someone about to pop and is interested in a Birth Print just send me your info, I promise I have more frames on hand.

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  1. Kriso Says:

    Looks great, love love love the bright colors!

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