Order Up Evangeline & Brielle

March 4th, 2014


I’m still in phone clean-up mode and came across these birth prints I did for a former co-worker a while back. Violet was our fresh-faced summer intern straight out of college at the newspaper I work at so its kind of hard to believe she is now the mother of two little girls.

She somehow stumbled upon my blog and sent me an email saying she and her husband Jim had just bought a house and she was wanting some birth prints to hang in her little girls bedrooms.

I offered to frame them up for her as well since I know how the framing process goes. I tend to order a print of some kind because it’s actually reasonably priced and then every once in a while notice it laying around my studio because I haven’t gotten around to actually framing it. This can go on for months, sometimes years even. Might as well get it all out of the way at once so you can just pop it on the wall.


I generally like to find thrifted frames and then pretty them up with a coat of spray paint for these projects but I couldn’t find anything “girly” enough. And I wanted something girly. So I ended up heading to Hobby Lobby where I knew they had these “swirly girly” unfinished frames that I had used for some wedding chalkboards. And what do ya know, jackpot, they were half off, I actually hit the right week!

Next I found some spray paint in the colors Violet requested. Not as easy as it sounds, color selection isn’t always the greatest when it comes to spray paint but Hobby Lobby is getting better and if all else fails head to Lowes, they have some good colors to choose from.

Spray Paint

All that was left to do was print and paint and voila! Ready to go, of course getting them to Violet was a whole ‘nother story. After they had driven around in my car with me for several days, as many of my projects do, I finally had to pull out the big guns and use my mom’s “coffee ladies” connection. You see mom “coffees” with Violet’s mom who happened to be heading to Violet’s house for a visit… never underestimate the power of the “coffee ladies” they get things done!

2 Responses to “Order Up Evangeline & Brielle”

  1. Violet Says:

    Kerri – I love these prints SO MUCH! They’re my favorite part of the girls’ bedrooms. Thanks again for all your hard work in creating these heirlooms for E & B!

  2. amy Says:

    I love these! How can I learn to make them? You should teach a class.

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