Order Up, Cowles & Williams

February 28th, 2014

Williams full

Here I am, cleaning old photos off my phone again. I discovered my phone only holds 2,000 photos before it just shuts down and won’t take any more pictures. Can you believe that? Only 2,000 photos? I mean come on, I used to get at least 12 photos out of my very first camera… my Polaroid Instamatic. So anyway, delete, delete delete which means I found a bunch of stuff I never got around to posting.

Williams close

These two ‘Story of Us’ posters went all the way out to the east coast, I think somewhere in Virginia? Once again I got an email from someone who grew up in my hometown saying… “Hi Kerri. I don’t know if you remember me…” People! Come on! I have a mind like a steel trap. Of course I remember all of you.

Cowles full

Anyway, Jodie ordered one for herself and one for her friends as a housewarming gift. What a good idea. So we added the “Home Est.” line at the bottom.

Cowles close

Jodie also knew exactly where the posters would be hanging and sent me a photo of the fabric on both chairs that they would be hanging above so that I could match the colors. Again, great idea.


So if anyone out there has some more great ideas for their very own “Story of Us” poster drop me a line at kerrip21@gmail.com. A 24×36 poster will run you $75 (that’s unframed) or I can do a smaller 11×14 for $35. And if you’re from my hometown or somewhere else in my past… I promise I’ll remember you. I dare you to try and stump me.

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  1. ang Says:

    Soooo True. Steel Trap doesn’t begin to describe it.

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