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Hey Kerri P » My Haunted House

My Haunted House

October 17th, 2013


I guess we’re sticking with the Halloween theme this week, come into my haunted house, if you dare, wahahaha. I don’t know when it happened but it has started to take me almost as long to decorate my house for Halloween as it does for Christmas. Actually, I blame it all on Pinterest, it’s so full of inspiration I just can’t keep myself from crafting. Because of the extra projects my Halloween decorating seemed to span several weeks this year.

First off, I turned the old cupboard by my front entryway into Edgar Allen Poe’s desk. My vintage typewriter, that I found on the Junk Jaunt for $20 a few years ago, lives there year round (mainly because it’s so heavy I hate to move it around). I just added some crows, a few spooky candelabras and the cover page to Poe’s famous poem.

witch frame

The witch silhouette in the little, orange frame was one of my mini projects. Remember that frame from “Styling Midtown”? I just took out my little mod girl and replaced her with some Halloween flavored scrapbook paper and cut out a witch silhouette.


The bats were another project I took on this year. After seeing them all over Pinterest I had to give it a try. This is actually my second attempt, my first batch were some cutesy ones with cut out eyes and everything but they didn’t look right. I decided I needed to make them a basic silhouette (there’s that word again, if I keep using it I just might actually learn how to spell it without the assistance of Google). I also put them on the wall between my “scroll wreath” and red cupboard at first and it was just to busy so they were relocated.

scroll wreath

Speaking of my “scroll wreath”, that was another project this year and my very favorite, I love how it turned out. Because there doesn’t seem to be an original idea in my head, it was once again copied from Pinterest. Thanks to an old Danielle Steel hardcover and a lot of hot glue it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.

steampunk steamer

Here’s a close up of the wreath along with the little steampunk Halloween dude I picked up at Nebraska Furniture Mart of all places.

haunted closet

My front entry closest got just a bit spooky as well.

Welcome my Pretties

I changed out my revolving chalkboard once again. Went with a bit of a “witchy” theme this time. The red witches boots are a recent purchase. I got them at the Hillsboro Craft Fair in of all places… Kansas. Isn’t that a hoot? “Dorothy, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.”


More crows roost in my spooky closet along with a black owl, which you can’t really see, under glass in the big jar.

Something Wicked

I made a Halloween Printable out of that famously creepy William Shakespeare quote “By the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes.” I’ll include the printable for you to download at the end of this post.

Wicked crow

Next up is the closest thing I have to a mantle, my little red Santa cupboard. I decked it out with a tree full of bookish bats (inspired by a display at, again, of all places, Nebraska Furniture Mart) and a new chalkboard which didn’t turn out as spooky as I planned…

halloween mantle

some chenille pumpkins, a few glittered pumpkins and some plastic numbers I picked up at the “Patina Market” at Simply Bungalow in Lincoln complete my faux mantle.

b:w pumpkins

Oh, and don’t forget my very own Cheshire Cat.

Cheshire Chester

Next up are my “Boo” candles. I really miss my old entertainment center when it comes to these candles. It had a nice shelf that they fit on so well and I decked the top of it out with chains, moss and crows. I’m going to miss that cupboard even more when Christmas rolls around. Anyway, I made do with my new T.V. cupboard…

scarecrow joe

and added my “Scarecrow Joe”, another Hillsboro Craft Fair find. I then added some of my fall foliage to my cupboard drawers…

berry branches

fall berries

and threw a couple of the pumpkins that I glittered last year into the wooden bowl on my coffee table…

glittered gourds

I have more glittered gourds on Frank’s shelf in my dining room…

glittered pumpkins

glittering was my deal last year. Although I’m currently suffering from a case of glitter lung because my Mom sent some pumpkins home with me and I just got done glittering them for her last night.

Franks shelf

See that plaid thermos on Frank’s shelf? My wonderful Martha found that for me a few weeks ago during the Nebraska Junk Jaunt, which I was forced to sit out this year. Boo! But yay for Martha, she kept her eyes peeled all day for some of my favorite things and came home with a winner.


Oh, and this is Frank. Picked him up during a volleyball trip to Branson. He was about the only good thing that came out of that trip, I discovered Branson was really not for me.


And finally, my kitchen table is home to a glittering, green skull (inspired by Martha Stewart)…

skull and balls

black punkins

some more crows and some freshly, glittered black pumpkins. And that’s it, my haunted house… now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go vacuum up all of the glitter in my studio. Happy Halloween!

Download either of the two printables below by clicking on the images:

Something-Wicked Welcome-My-Pretties

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