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MacKenzie & Zach

April 22nd, 2015


Wedding season has officially arrived and my first job of the “season” is in the books. I had the honor of working on a couple of projects for Miss MacKenzie Dick, now Richert.

Kenz has always been a favorite of mine. She’s just a year younger than my oldest niece Morgan so I’ve had the privlege of seeing her grow from a sweet little kid into a beautiful young woman.

I’m pretty sure I’ve attended every single volleyball game she ever played in. I spent many a Sunday cheering her and Morgan on during club volleyball tournaments and always admired her competitive nature. Kenz was tough, and could always be counted on, she played through the pain no matter what. That’s my kind of kid.

And now it appears that she has found herself an amazing young man. You can just tell that he’s a good guy and the two of them always look like they are having so much fun together. So I was thrilled to be asked to play a small part in their big day.

Kenz’s mom Karen had showed me a photo, while we were attending yet another volleyball game, of a dresser mirror she had come across by chance. She found it on our County Buy, Use or Trade Facebook page and picked it up for a song. She wondered if it would work as a chalkboard. I said, “Absolutely. You can just paint right over the mirror if you want.”

So I knew there was a wedding chalkboard in my future. It was later that Kenz showed me a picture of a wedding invitation she had found online and asked if I could create something like it. That I could do, so that was job number one.


She decided on a chalkboard theme and I loved that the invite design was informal and fun, kind of like the couple themselves. We printed one of their engagement photos on the back of the invite and then included a two-sided guest info card as well.

Next up was the chalkboards. Karen sent me the verse they wanted to use and then delivered the giant mirror to my house, already painted with chalkboard paint. I can only assume that Karen’s husband Mark helped her deliver that mirror because I swear it weighed 300 pounds. How that thing was ever attached to a dresser is beyond me. I came close to breaking a few toes while trying to manhandle it during the chalking process.


Kenz later texted me that she had a much smaller chalkboard she wanted something written on as well.


Ahh, that was more like it. This one was much easier to manuever.

And finally there were the wedding programs…


a fairly simple design. A single card (which I made a little too big, I’m so accustomed to trying to make wedding programs “fan-worthy” for my un-airconditioned church that I forgot it was only April, and not really necessary) printed front and back. Again with the chalkboard theme, you see I did learn something in art school (and from “Coming To America”) you’ve “got to co-ordinate!”

Once I had all of the big jobs done I could finally work on the wedding present. I must admit, life’s a lot easier when you find your standard wedding gift. No combing through gift registries looking for something in your price range. Of course, it always helps if you remember to send out the questions before the mother-of-the-bride is consumed with final week preparations. That didn’t happen this time. Luckily, Karen knew all the answers and wrote back right away.


I picked yellow for the main color because check out how he proposed. That’s one of my favorite things about making these prints, discovering all of the unique ways that grooms propose.

I was planning on delivering the programs on Friday, the day before the wedding, when I got a text message from Kenz. “Uhhh, we just noticed that you spelled Zach’s name wrong on the chalkboard. Is there any way you can fix it?” Oh my gosh, are you kidding me? I immediately went and looked at my photo of the “Big board”…


“Oh my gosh!” I spelled it “ery” instead of “ary”. What in the world?!! I had already put his name on both the invitations and the programs and now I spell it wrong? At least it wasn’t permanent. I told Kenz I would stop by her house and fix it. Well they were already at the reception hall setting stuff up. No problem, it was on my way to work, so I packed up my chalk and headed for York. “Have chalk will travel” I always say.

I fixed the board in no time and handed over the programs. Then Kenz asked, “Is there any way you could write something on one more board?” Well of course I said yes. And then there was another one and then just one more. I had forgotten to pack up my sharpener so by the last one things were starting to get a little fuzzy.

Once my work was done all that was left to do was enjoy a beautiful wedding. And it was a beautiful wedding. For the first time ever I didn’t mind waiting on the ushers to excuse our row following the recessional. MacKenzie’s cousin provided all of the music and he was phenomenal. I lost track of how many songs he sang.

The reception was at the brand new Holthus Convention Center in York and the venue is top notch. And MacKenzie and Morgan’s 2009 State Champion Volleyball team (notice how I managned to slip that title in there Kelli, Karen, Jeri and Melissa?) recreated one of my most favorite prom photos…


their Club Ball coach Joel even remembered to bring a volleyball along. It seems like just yesterday they were posing in that very same position wearing sparkly prom dresses and now they are accomplished young women. They’ve become a Physician’s Assistant, a Physical Therapist, a Business Manager, an OB nurse and a teacher with three kids between them and another on the way…


and, I believe, they could still take on any high school team and give them a run for their money. Old friends…

I’d better stop before I get too sentimental. Congratulations MacKenzie and Zach best wishes for a long and happy life together.

Oh, and did I forget to mention they had an awesome photo booth at the reception…


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