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Hey Kerri P » LaVina’s Sour Cream Cookies

LaVina’s Sour Cream Cookies

November 4th, 2013

LeVina Close Up

My final wedding project of the summer was a recipe poster for Caitlin and Daniel’s wedding. Caitlin and her mom Judy planned on serving sour cream cookies at the wedding, correction, LaVina’s Sour Cream Cookies.

LeVina Poster

LeVina Close Up 2

LaVina was Caitlin’s grandma and Judy’s mother. Such a sweet, sweet lady. Serving her famous cookies at the wedding was a way of including her memory in the ceremony and they asked if I would make a poster of her famous recipe to display next to the table of cookies at the reception.

LeVina's poster 2

Best of all following the wedding, Judy was able to hang the poster on one of her kitchen walls as a momento of her mother.

Professional program pic

P.S. Judy also sent me this awesome photo of the programs I made. Pretty sure it was taken by Dani Bethune of Calico Creek Photography.

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  1. Kathryn Says:

    LOVE them. (And the poster is nice too.) LeVina made THE BEST sour cream sugar cookies. I should know. I sneaked more than my share from the Tupperware that was always strategically placed on the kitchen counter next to the refrigerator! What a nice tribute.

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