April 15th, 2015


There’s a new print in my life and I think it turned out super cool, if I do say so myself. And, I owe it all to a guy named “Ike”. Actually, I owe it all to Ike’s wife who contacted me last December hoping to create a unique gift for her husband.

She had seen one of my “Family” posters and it gave her an idea. Armed with a list of all of her husband’s favorite sayings, you know, those little things a person says that make them “them”, she asked that I create a kind of “Top 10” style poster. It was to be his Christmas present and would eventually be hung in a place of “honor” above their bar. What a great conversation starter, right?

She referred to the list as her “Ike-ism’s” which became the poster’s title. I toyed with making it a top ten list “Letterman Style” but then decided playing with type was kind of my strong suit so why not go with that. Type and fun little icons that is. It was a really fun poster to create.


And I guess I can forgive Ike for being an Iowa Hawkeyes fan.


So much fun that a few months later I created another version of the “Ism’s” poster. You see, my boss of over ten years decided to pick up and move to Scottsbluff. Scottsbluff! I need to stop right there before I go off on a rant. In short, he had been offered an opportunity to “work his magic” on another newspaper and decided to accept the challenge, much to the dismay of myself and my co-workers. Once we got over the shock of him leaving Melanie and I decided to make a memento for Greg to take with him, something he would be proud to hang on the wall of his new office.

I suggested the “Ism’s” poster, which Mel loved. In fact, the first time I showed it to her she said, “Oh my gosh, I want you to make one for Jerry (that would be her husband)! Except, where would we hang it, since the majority of his “Ism’s” are R-rated?”

We started to rack our brains and couldn’t really come up with any “Greg-ism’s”, I had plenty of “Moseley-isms”, in fact I’ve had a running file of those on my desktop at work for several years now, but that’s another boss, for another time. So we decided to go in a different direction, what if we compiled a list of “facts” about Greg? I mean, “facts” were our business right? I suggested naming the poster “Fact Check” which again, is a nod to the newspaper business.


I sent out a mass email to all of my co-workers asking for “fact” suggestions and then went from there.



He loved it, the tears in his eyes when I gave it to him said it all, Greg and I had that in common, easy to blubber and bad at hiding it. So thanks to a couple of guys named Ike and Greg I now have two new posters to add to my repertoire. Let me know if you are in need of one of these babies.

2 Responses to “‘Ism’s””

  1. Susan Says:


    We have a list of Elwin-isms that we collected after my dad died and they are actaully labeled on my computer as . Elwin-isms, so I love this idea. We have a few Kathryn-isms too, might need to combine a parent one. Get in touch with me I would like to make one of these for myself and my siblings. This is great.

  2. Kathryn Goertzen Says:

    I absolutely LOVE everything about this concept! I bet you sell the heck out of these. So many people with so many ‘isms’. But you are also correct – so many possibly unprintable.

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