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Holiday Home

December 29th, 2013

Kitchen Table 5

Whooooooosh! Whoooooosh! (That’s supposed to sound like me blowing air) it’s dusty in here. My poor, neglected little blog gathered just a bit of dust over the holidays, sorry about that but this holiday season truly got away from me. So much so that it’s Dec. 29 and I’m still working on Christmas gifts for my family and am just now posting pictures of my holiday decorations. I realize it’s a bit after the fact, but hey, I usually live with them through New Year’s so to me it’s technically still Christmas and this all makes total sense.

Well, here we go, let’s start with the tree since that’s my starting point every year…

Blue Waters 2

I own a lovely pre-lit Christmas tree that stayed pre-lit for exactly two years and since I’m not one to waste time going through bulbs looking for the culprit, I just went back to stringing the tree with lights. So if you look real close there’s lots of dead bulbs underneath all those pretty ornaments.

Tree ornaments

I started a Santa collection many years ago (makes for easy Christmas gifts… “And of course I’ll always take a Santa.” I say when my family asks for my Christmas list). My Santa collection extends to my big Christmas tree, all of the ornaments are Santas. I used to fill a glass jar with them when I took my tree down and displayed them all year, but they don’t fit in that jar anymore.

Tree ornaments 2

I bet you’re saying “Wait a minute… I see some Christmas balls in that last photo that have nothing to do with Santa.” Well you’re right, the tree isn’t technically all Santas. A few years back I found one of those jumbo plastic tubes of bright colored ornaments on sale at Sam’s Club and had to have them. At first I thought I was going to turn them into a wreath and then decided to just put them where they belong and added them to my tree. I make it a goal to get every single one of them on my tree and that’s not as easy as it sounds, there are a lot of ornaments. I have to double-hang them and place them deep inside the tree to make room for them all. But it sure brightens things up and I’m all for Merry and Bright!

Drunk Santa 2

I’ve picked up several of my Santa ornaments while on vacation. Not that I take a whole lot of vacations, my vacations are generally visits to my sister and her family in whatever state they are currently living. I found one of my favorite ornaments when she was living in Memphis, Tenn. and we went downtown and checked out Beale Street.

Drunk Santa

He looks like he came from Bourbon Street right? I’ve never been able to figure out that x’d out eyeball. Is that supposed to imply he’s drunk? Is he currently driving his sleigh while drunk? It makes sense I guess considering where I purchased him.

Blue Waters

I’m also not the traditional “slap-that-tree-down-in-front-of-your-biggest-window type of gal” mainly because there isn’t room for it in front of my biggest window. My tree lives in my dining room in front of my old, wooden shelf that this year also holds one of my minnow buckets and a favorite from my Santa collection. A local man here in town carved him. I have three of them and the first one I received is what started my collection.

Kitchen Table 6

My dining room table is topped with my toolbox full of apothocary jars. This little display changes up every year. This year it benefited from the loss of my old entertainment center.

Kitchen Table 3

I used to have greenery full of ornaments hanging on top of my entertainment center but since I switched TV’s there’s no place for that greenery which held some of my favorite ornaments. I didn’t even put some of them out this year because I couldn’t find any room. I mean, I could have probably found a spot but after a week of coming home every night and decorating I decided to call it good and move on to other projects.

Kitchen Table 2

I found spots for some of those ornaments inside my jars on top of a bunch of fake snow…

Kitchen Table 1

along with some bright, ball ornaments I found at Hobby Lobby years ago. I loved the colors and the fact that they were the old kind wrapped with thread like we used to have on our tree when I was a kid.

Kitchen Table 4

These are also the ornaments my sister and I both purchased the same year, thousands of miles apart from each other. And to this day, we still bring up our biggest pet peeve about them. Out of all those ornaments, each package had only one orange ball. I mean, what’s that about? Why bother making an orange ornament if you are only going to put one in each set? These are the kinds of questions that keep me up at night. Of course that one orange ball was our favorite. But would it have been had there been more? Hmmm…..

Button Wreath

The button wreath I made several years ago hangs in my dining room window and I added something new to the wall next to it.


I replaced the framed poster that used to hang there with one of the chalkboards I made earlier this year for the Jen Hatmaker event. It also used to be an empty, white frame that we used as decor at my niece Morgan’s wedding.

Wonderful 3

I added a little holiday chalk art to it and hung it above the old, metal display shelf that I topped with greenery, candles, globes

Wonderful 2

and some gas station sign numbers I found at the “Patina Market” in Lincoln this fall.

Skinny Santa

On the shelf right next to it I added yet another favorite Santa from my collection… my super, skinny Santa with the awesome hat.

Gumball Santa

My gumball machine moved to the kitchen counter along with another favorite Santa. And thanks to my wonderful niece Morgan I’ll have a second gumball machine to add to my decor next year. I’ve been looking for a gumball machine for years and now I have two! Now I just have to figure out how to open it so I can fill it with gumballs. Sounds like a job for my Design Assistant.

Kitchen Santa

The top of my fridge always houses a little tree, whose lights burnt out the second day it was up, and my vintage paper Santa. I totally remember my mom hanging those kinds of paper holiday decorations in our windows growing up, wish I still had them now. Santa and the scale are courtesy of the “Gatherings on the Blue Shed Sale”.

Windmill Corner2

More of my “Entertainment Center Extras” made their way to a corner of my living room along with the the metal windmill that I painted orange this summer. I nestled them all inside an old, wooden soda crate along with some live greenery.

Windmill Corner

I topped my red Santa cupboard with more live greenery (it’s not looking so live these days), courtesy of my friends the Bergens.

Thermos 4

I also whipped up another holiday chalkboard using one of the windows my cousin Joni gave me while working on her son’s wedding this summer…

Thermos 1

and then came my thermos collection which doubled in size this fall after hitting the motherload at the “Homegrown Junk” booth at the “Patina Market”.

Thermos 2

Thermos 3

Another small tree lives in the corner next to my Santa cupboard…

Igloo Tree

and above that is the old iron window that I filled with more live greenery,

Iron Window

the old metal star tree topper that I bought at an auction this fall, a favorite holiday print I found on Pinterest last year,

Iron Window 2

some of my homemade snowballs, a thermos and a folk-art style Santa.

Typewriter Santas

My old corner cupboard housed some more skinny Santas as well as my old typewriter, sleigh bells, some cameras…

Santa and Camera

and another super, cute Santa with some super, skinny little chicken legs.

Treetops Glisten 2

My holiday, entryway closet ended up displaying my collection of Christmas trees along with another holiday chalkboard and some silvery snowflakes.

Treetops Glisten 1

My living room window always gets a garland filled with a mixture of Shiny-Bright ornaments along with some other brightly colored baubles. And when I mean filled, I mean filled, as you can tell I’m not really a believer in the “less is more” theory.

Living Room Window

Whatever doesn’t fit on the window garland ends up in the wooden bowl on my coffee table.

Coffee Table

I stuffed another Christmas tree inside my Jolly Time Popcorn canister and set it on the old Sunday School bench in my living room next to my collection of old boardgames.

Jolly Time Tree

Next to that is my TV cupboard which holds my little “A Christmas Story” display that I posted about earlier this month.

TV Cupboard

I pulled out some of the drawers and added some greenery and ornaments.

TV Cupboard 2

On the floor beside my TV cupboard is the chippy, yellow, metal box that I filled with greenery and a sparkly, pink snowflake. Please ignore my laundry drying on the kitchen chair in the background, oops.

Pink Snowflake

And finally, I have one more tree in my studio, my disaster of a studio. Considering I’ve spent the majority of my holiday season in said studio I needed to add a little Christmas cheer to it.

Studio Tree 2

Ornaments on my studio tree have two major requirements, brightly colored and sparkly. And if they are brightly colored, sparkly and in the shape of a retro styled toy, all the better.

Studio Tree

So that’s it. My own little Holiday Tour of Homes. Hope you enjoyed it because all of that sparkle and shine will soon disappear. The empty Rubbermaid tubs are calling.

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  1. ang Says:

    Holy Cow!! AMAZING!!!

  2. Kathryn Says:

    So cute! And what’s the rush?? I sometimes leave my Christmas stuff up into February. Too much work and money invested to enjoy it for such a short time!

  3. Tara S Says:

    Love it!! I think I could come sit in your house for hours and just take it all in. You are so insanely talented! 🙂

  4. Tami Says:

    I wanna move in! :). Sooooo cute!

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