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Hey Kerri P » Hello Kriso: Poor Thanksgiving

Hello Kriso: Poor Thanksgiving

November 27th, 2013

havest tote

Poor Thanksgiving, it’s smooshed between the two biggest holidays of the year and doesn’t get the respect it deserves. People tend to go straight from the Halloween candy to the Christmas lights totally ignoring the fact that there’s a perfectly good holiday in-between. I read somewhere the other day that an elf dies every time a tree is lit before Thanksgiving. If that is the case I think the North Pole is running low on elves.

I of course, love, Thanksgiving because it is the one time of the year that I get to eat stuffing, and it’s even better if it is my sister-in-law Linda’s stuffing. Hers is the real deal. No Stove Top at the Newman house when Linda is around. Not sure why people want to rush through Thanksgiving, all we do is eat, nap and watch TV, a holiday tailor made for me, why would anyone want to skip that?

But as a kid it’s one of the more boring holidays, everyone has something to do but the kids. The women are all busy cooking, the men are all watching football and what are the kids doing? Getting yelled at for saying things like “Are we ever going to eat?” and “Why can’t we watch Disney?” and “I’m bored!” At least that’s the case at my house, so this year I’m giving the kids something to do – play games. It will keep them busy and out of our hair in the kitchen.

I whipped up a quick set of Thanksgiving BINGO cards and thought I would share them with you. Give them some corn candies or M & Ms for markers and maybe they will leave you alone long enough to snitch a small bowl of Linda’s stuffing so you can hid it in the cabinet for dessert!

Download the Thanksgiving Bingo Card Printables (12mb)
thanksgiving bingo

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