Hello Kriso: Pinsday – Halloween Kids Crafts

October 16th, 2013

I love everything about fall. The cooler weather, well somewhat cooler, here in Austin fall means that it only gets into the low 90’s; the colors of the changing leaves, well not really, here in Austin we only have cedar trees and they don’t have pretty leaves that change colors; I love opening all the windows in the house to let the fresh crisp air in, well again, not here in Austin because we usually still have like 85% humidity… so now I am wondering what I’m doing here in Austin where we truly only have fall for like a week!

No, I love it here, and we make the best of our situation by forcing fall into our lives. My favorite way of doing this is through crafting! Even though it may not feel like fall, I always feel craftier in the fall. Maybe it’s my love of Halloween but I start crafting spookiness in August, and on the weekends when the girls are out of school we try to pack in as much crafting as possible.

So this week I am sharing some great and fairly simple kids crafts. A few of these we have tackled and others are still on our craft bucket list. Audrey 3 is at the top of our list this year, after seeing “The Little Shop of Horrors” this summer at the Austin Zilker Hillside Theater. We have to make some of these, thank goodness they won’t need to be fed! Well there you go, Zilker Park is just one of many many reasons why I stay here in Austin, even if we do only have seven days of fall.

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