Hello Kriso: Pinsday – Halloween Costumes

October 9th, 2013

Do you know what you are going to be for Halloween? Here at the haunted Newman house we’ve known ever since we decided on the theme of this years Halloween party, that decision was made on October 31, 2012. Yep we are really that “into” Halloween.

I always make my girls costumes, and these are the reasons why. A) I love to be crafty and figure out clever ways to turn one thing into something else, B) my girls will never be the same thing as someone else (last year there were 500 “Monster High Dolls”, sigh) and C) my mom.

Yep my mom was just not that into Halloween, after all ours was the house that turned “off” the porch light, went out to eat on Halloween or just plain hid from trick-or-treaters. {Editor’s Note: Much like we hid from the Schwan’s man.}

I remember one year, it was October 30 and I ran downstairs to tell mom that I needed to wear my costume to school the next day, so what was I going to be? Her response “Put on some sweats and be a jogger”. Seriously that is what I was that year, a jogger, or one could argue just a kid in sweats. {Yet another Editor’s Note: I was Underdog every year for three years, and this would be during the era of plastic masks that these days would cause a child to suffocate to death.}

Needless to say after that year I took matters into my own hands, well mine and Theresa Friesen’s, my best friend Tara’s mom. See I was only like in the 3rd grade and didn’t know how to sew but Theresa did. We talked her into making us Tweedledee and Tweedledum big pants one year and another year she sewed us giant Coke cans.

So with that I give you some of my top fav Halloween costumes. Some are as simple as a cool noose neck tie and others are much more extravagant like the most awesome “Jack the Pumpkin King” costume I have ever seen. I really love, love, love the newspaper wigs, after all I am a Meliphobic (wig phobic – look it up Tara, it’s real.) but that’s another story.



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