Hello Kriso: It’s Never Too Early For Halloween

September 19th, 2013

Well it’s been proven, it’s never too early for Halloween in the Newman household. If you’ve read some of my previous posts you know about my sister Kris who lives Down South. You know, the one that makes those cute, fuzzy baby burp rags and plans amazingly bright and colorful birthday parties? Well I’m about to reveal her dark side.

halloween mantle

You see, the Newmans are into everything that goes bump in the night… big time. Halloween is their major holiday. Kris has always loved Halloween and then she met Steve and it was a match made in Sleepy Hollow. After they had my niece Saylor it wasn’t long before we realized she was just a little bit “dark” as well. As a kid her favorite movie was “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and then when she was three or four it was “The Corpse Bride”… Tim Burton would be so proud. I remember the time she was staying at my sister Kelli’s and wanted to watch “The Corpse Bride”, Kelli of course tried to pursuade her to watch something a little lighter like “Beauty and the Beast” or “The Little Mermaid”. She wasn’t having any of it and told Kelli over and over “Kelli, Corpse Bride isn’t bad, she’s really nice. She really is, she’s nice Kelli.” A few years later she dressed as the “Corpse Bride” for Halloween (oh don’t even get me started on Kris and her kids’ Halloween costumes, that’s a whole ‘nother post). Now my niece Kamble on the other hand, not quite as dark as the rest of her family, she’s been known as “Scardy-Kam” and gets a little freaked out by Saylor’s favorite movies. Let’s just say the year Saylor was the “Corpse Bride” for Halloween, Kam was a hot air balloonist.

So the Newman’s decorate their house for “All Hallows Eve” like the rest of us decorate for Christmas. And this year they did it super early, when these pictures started showing up on my phone a couple of weeks ago I thought two things… No. 1 Holy crap, Kris is organized this year, she has her decorations up during the first week of September and No. 2 I have to share these with the blog world. Be forewarned, these decorations aren’t for the weak of heart, there aren’t a bunch of happy, smiling Jack O’Lanterns sitting around this house this is some seriously spooktacular decorating, so without further ado…

Skull under glass

I personally love, love, love the skull under the glass (OK, I admit I’m a little dark as well, I mean two of my favorite T.V. shows are “The Walking Dead” and “American Horror Story”, you can’t enjoy those two shows without being a little dark). I have a skull that I covered in green glitter a few years back and I might have to steal this idea when I get around to putting my decorations up.

Halloween mantle 2

I showed this shot to my friend at work and the chalkboard freaked her out… and this is the one who claims to have seen a ghost.

I also have an old typewriter that becomes a raven’s perch at Halloween so I just want to state right now, since I will eventually get around to posting pictures of my Halloween decor, that I had the idea first! Actually, we might have had the idea at the same time, I just found a typewriter first, on a side note, I do really love her gray one. Oh, and did you catch the full on skeleton in the corner? It’s a med school or science lab skeleton that Steve found on Craig’s list and her name is “Bone-ita” and they dress her up for all the holidays. This also means she’s always hanging out in one room or another all year long. Just a bit creepy.

book pillars

The “book pillars” of course originated on Pinterest. I made them last year as well, you just get a paperback book and fold each page in half and soon you have a pillar, I also found the process to be some-what therapeutic.

Halloween chalkboard

The Halloween chalkboard used to be gold and hung with it’s twin in the upstairs bathroom of our parents house while growing up. I have the other one. Steve just took the mirror out and put a board in that they painted with chalkboard paint. For once my parents had two of something so Kris and I didn’t have to fight over who got it.

box of bones

This bunch of bones is being contained by the coolest box that Kris unfortunately spied before I did when we were antiquing together a few years back. I totally missed out on that one.


The “Palmistry Hand” is another item she found while we were antiquing together, I did not, however, fight her for that one. It looks cool though, and notice how the orange walls of her kitchen lend themselves nicely to Halloween decor.

Halloween garland

And then there’s this Halloween garland. Years ago they took Christmas greenery and Steve spray painted a bunch of it black. This was way before Hobby Lobby started carrying garland and Christmas trees in every color of the rainbow… such trendsetters they are.

Gian Spider

And there’s this Giant Spider (that sat down beside her… I couldn’t resist), pretty sure his name is Arogog.

Halloween globe

And finally, new this year, her countdown globe. Love it. She also usually has a “Countdown to Halloween” tree, kind of like an Advent Calendar, that lists stuff for the girls to do each day leading up to the big night. It might actually be “too early” for that one.

The Newman’s are also known for throwing a heck of a Halloween party each year and there is talk of my whole family heading Down South this year for the festivities so stay tuned for future posts.

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    I need to send you a new pic of the globe, did you catch the classic kriso typo? Ugh.

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