Hello Kriso: 13 Nights of Halloween

October 16th, 2013

13 days mantle

It’s already been established that the Newman’s love Halloween, so we thought we would share some of our love of fright with all of you! Ever since my girls were little we have done a countdown to Halloween, it lasts for 13 days and ends with Jack the Pumpkin King stopping by for a visit on All Hallows Eve.

My daughter Saylor LOVES the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, and she has since she was three-years-old, I’m not kidding. I had the VHS version that she would pop into our ancient VCR in my craft room and then sit and watch it over and over and over. At first I was worried it would scare her but she never flinched. She watched it until the tape wore out. One day we were talking about Santa being real, and she said “of course he is, he is just as real as Jack the Pumpkin King.” That put the idea in my head… we needed a visit from Jack the Pumpkin King!

So I created the “13 Nights of Halloween”, small fun tricks and treats that lead up to a visit from Jack the Pumpkin KIng. The tricks have evolved over the years, however some have stayed intact like “Howl at the Full Moon” (my girls’ favorite) but others were revised once they started school and we had limited time at night, this is when “Talk with Vampire Teeth” came into play. There are also a few that need to be done on the weekend so I decided not to designate a specific day for them, we just make sure we do one every night.

13 Days tree

Hang them on your mantel, put them on the fridge or if you have a Halloween tree like me use them for decorations! I hope you enjoy these tricks with your kids or grandkids as much as we do!

Kriso – Queen of Halloween

Download the PDF Printable – 13 Nights of Halloween
13 Nights of Halloween

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