Heading South

December 30th, 2014


Hellooo…. echo… echo… echo… hellooo… echo …. echo … anybody out there? Is anybody in blogland still checking in on me? I kind of doubt it since I pretty much abandoned my post these last few months. To say I was completely unprepared for the holidays this year would be a huge understatement.

One of my last posts was about my new business venture Willow Station. We had both a Fall and Holiday sale (photos of that are coming up) and that holiday sale brought about many more orders than I ever expected so on this day, the second to last day of December, I have finally come up for air. Finished my last pending project last night, packed my bags


and today I jumped into the folk’s Durango (alas no more MZ BNZ from previous posts) and am currently headed down south to see the Newman clan. And I’m going to attempt to blog along the way. A bit about the trip and a bunch about all those projects I just got done with. Here’s hoping I keep my word and like it says at the top ‘Happy Holidays’ (because in my book it’s still the holidays) to you all!

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