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He Is Risen

April 28th, 2014

1 Lily construction

Determined. That would be the best word to describe me in the week leading up to Easter. I was determined to take a positive step forward in my neverending quest to get the church bulletin boards up to date. I have been in charge of five bulletin boards gracing the walls of my church for more years than I can remember and so far I have failed miserably in my quest. Those seasons just roll around too fast. I’ve tried the “create a general year round bulletin board” approach but that’s just boring. The holiday ideas come so much more easily. I had one a year ago at Easter time but of course never got it started so I filed it away for the next year. Well Easter was rolling around once again so I pulled out that idea and dusted it off.

2 Lilly construction

Like everything I create, the first seed of an idea came to me thanks to Pinterest. I came across a bunch of pins detailing how to make paper flowers. One of them was for a paper lily, how perfect would that be for Easter I thought? I found a great tutorial on “The Elli Blog” http://www.elli.com/blog/diy-watercolor-paper-lily/ and it even provided a watercolor pattern for me to print.


The trickiest part was printing the template front and back and making sure the colors lined up correctly.


And the even trickier part was when I decided I needed a few larger lilies. Actually it wasn’t that tricky it was just a little more time consuming and used up a bit more ink. When I enlarged the template I had to print it on two pieces of paper instead of one.

By the way I printed the template on regular white 12×12 cardstock and the cutting out of each individual piece ate up the majority of my time. Constructing just one flower took a good 10 to 15 minutes depending on how many times I burned myself with my hot glue gun, which was often. My hot glue gun is one of my most trusted tools, but it hurts me every time I use it.

I toiled away on my flowers every night that week until I had made around 15 of them. I hoped that would be enough. I planned on putting the bulletin board up on Saturday, I know, I know, who puts up a holiday bulletin board the day before the holiday? Well that would be me. I figured it was Springy and Summery enough that it could stay up there for a while and besides, at least it wouldn’t be a Thanksgiving board anymore. Yep I completely skipped over Christmas and my paper pumpkins and button corn cobs were still on display.

As I was crafting flowers late Thursday night I happened to look at my email and saw one with the subject line “Need A Favor” oh boy, I’m always leery opening up that type of email. Turns out one of our church deacons wanted to know if I could throw together a little “Easter-ish” centerpiece for the coffee and donut table they would be setting up in our Fellowship Hall following Easter service. It wouldn’t have to be anything near the size of the Christmas centerpieces I had helped with in the past. The wheels started spinning and I began to think of what I could cobble together. I decided I would be at the church Saturday afternoon anyway putting up my bulletin board so I might as well throw together a centerpiece.

Saturday morning rolled around and I had my flowers done but still had to make a background to put the flowers on. I quickly drew up “He Is Risen” in my swirly word style and transferred it onto a square of black craft paper. (I finally broke down and ordered my own giant, elementary school sized roll of black craft paper, the church never had any on hand and I wanted to do some chalk projects on black paper). I chalked the words using white compressed charcoal, instead of just regular chalk, and packed up my trusty bulletin board bag (a giant canvas bag of supplies that I keep hanging on a door knob in my studio for when the changing of the bulletin boards mood strikes) and headed out.

3 He Is Risen BB1

Now let me say, this was just one of those days. Do you ever have one of those days where your klutz gene kicks in? There isn’t a doorway you don’t bump into, a finger you don’t smash, an item you don’t drop or simply forget. I stumbled and bumbled my way out to my car to drive the few short blocks to the church. Once there I stood in front of the door loaded down with bulletin board supplies with an 80 mph wind at my back doing it’s best to shred my newly chalked bulletin board background and dug around in my bag in search of my phone. You see, I needed my dumb phone in order to look up the number code to punch in the little box so I could get a key out and then turn and turn and turn and turn it in the keyhole until that stinkin locked door would open. Ugghhh, I don’t like the new locking system at my church. It’s a sad, sad day in my mind when a church has to be locked up like Fort Knox.

Once I got the door open I literally tossed all my stuff inside and then tried to figure out how to put that stupid key back in the box. I swear you have to be a mensa candidate in order to figure out the secret to that procedure. Got it back in the box, grabbed the door handle… LOCKED!! Aaaauuugghh. So, I went through the whole process again, had to stand there holding the door open with my foot, as the 80 mph wind relentlessly tugged at it, while putting the key back into it’s tiny little box, knowing the whole time that anyone driving by would be laughing themselves silly at the sight of me.

Once I finally got myself inside I gathered up my belongings and headed for the bulletin board. I plopped my stuff down and immediately realized I had forgotten my trusty metal ruler, the one that has been at my side since I opened up my giant art portfolio kit on my first day of art school. The one that has proven to be the best tool for removing staples from a bulletin board. I loved my ruler, and at that moment it was sitting at home on my desk. “Aaarrrggghhhh, I have to go through that whole door locking procedure again!”

Once I got back to the church with my trusty ruler in hand I got to work. I quickly found that what seemed like a lot of flowers in my bulletin board bag, didn’t look like that many when up on an actual bulletin board. I finished up and decided to go home and make a few more flowers, I know, I’m far too concerned with the appearance of my bulletin boards. While at home I set up my Easter centerpiece on my kitchen counter. I chalked the same “He Is Risen” onto a small chalkboard…

5 He Is Risen Chalkboard

created a small crown of thorns by giving a little grapevine wreath I had on hand a bit of a trim and then propped it up on one of my folded book pillars and put it under glass, because I really like to put things under glass…

6 Crown of Thornes

and finally I filled up an old wooden box with a birds nest and some tall grass, in a glass of course.

7 Box of grass and nest

I disassembled my newly created centerpiece and loaded it and five more flowers into my car for the trek back to church, the whole time I was making this transfer of glass items I was repeating in my mind, “Don’t drop the glass. Don’t walk into a door. Don’t drop the glass. Don’t walk into a door.” and so on and so forth. I quickly put the centerpiece together again and then headed over to the bulletin board to add my final flowers, and there you go…

4 He Is Risen BB2

So that’s the story of one exciting Saturday afternoon. Riveting right? Well I wasn’t quite done yet, to top off my Easter themed work day I went home and painted some pink on the bunny ears of the little stools my Design Assistant built…

8 Bunny stools

aren’t they just the cutest? Three lucky little girls got a super adorable surprise along with their Easter baskets. Happy week after Easter to you all!

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  1. sonia Says:

    Hi Kerri.P
    I was looking on the internet when I found you’re site, on church boards! it was a big help too me .I loved it very much!
    keep up the great Ideas.

  2. Diane Says:

    Love your bulletin board! And love hearing that I’m not the only one a holiday (or two) behind! I do only two at my church and can barely keep up, thanks for your ideas!

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